Will Tron Use Utorrent for Crypto-Mining?

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Tron founder Justin Sun has, according to media reports, bought the filesharing network Bittorrent — for probably 140 million US dollars. Bittorrent does not want to change its business model, according to a statement.

According to information from Bittorrent, 40 percent of daily Internet traffic runs daily via a distributed bittorrent network. Now the P2P protocol and the corresponding client Utorrent apparently belong to the blockchain startup Tron. $ 140 million is said to have been spent by Tron, as Techcrunch reports. Is said that the sale have been taken place last week.

Bittorrent denies rumors

There were various speculations what exactly Tron intends to do with bittorrent. Techcrunch reported, citing an insider of two plans: First, Tron could use the bittorrent technology to respond to the criticism that the startup was just a plagiarism of Filecoin or Ethereum. On the other hand, it is also conceivable to use Utorrent as a crypto-miner.

Bittorrent denied these rumors in a statement : “Bittorrent is not about to change what we do. We do not plan to offer crypto-mining either now or in the future.“ Bittorrent is a pioinier in peer-to-peer file sharing. The vision of democratizing the Internet through decentralized, reliable access to information is still as relevant as it was when it was set up in 2004. It will continue to invest in the products of Bittorrent and Utorrent.

Bittorrent claims to have around 170 million users worldwide. The young Blockchain startup Tron was founded in September 2017 by Justin Sun. Since then, the underlying cryptocurrency Tronix (TRX) has risen overall, with a strong runaway up in January. At Coinmarketcap, TRX has been among the top 10 crypto assets in market capitalization in recent weeks.

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