Who is Behind the Litecoin Cryptocurrency?

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The Litecoin ranks among the ten most valuable digital currencies with a market capitalization of currently around $ 9.3 billion. The blockchain behind the digital token Litecoin, LTC for short, is almost identical to Bitcoin technology. Nevertheless, the Litecoin can score especially in terms of faster transaction. Limiting the existing Litecoin tokens is 84 million LTC. So far, however, not all are generated.

Back in 2011, Charlie Lee released the code for Litecoin. Since then he has worked on the further development of the digital Taler.

Charlie Lee: from Google developer to crypto founder

The developer of the Litecoin program, Charlie Lee, began his career as a software engineer in 2000 after completing his computer science studies at MIT. For five years he worked as a software engineer at the US tech giant Google, where he also worked on Chrome US in addition to Play Games, YouTube Mobile. During this time, he also began to tinker at the Litecoin. Until June 2017, he also served as technical director at Coinbase. Today, he continues to work on his once-developed cryptocurrency.

Lee sells all the Litecoins

In December of last year, Charlie Lee announced in a Reddit post that he had “sold or donated” all of his Litecoins. To this drastic step he had brought allegations that he had taken contributions on Twitter allegedly influence on the price of his cryptocurrency. Likewise, Lee wrote: “Litecoin has paid off financially for me!” Therefore, he does not now make his financial success dependent on the cryptocurrency. Still, he would continue to work for Litecoin and definitely not quit.

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