What Will 2040 Look Like? Unbelievable Future Trends Revealed!

Here’s a bold prediction of how we’ll live by 2040

Marko Vidrih
2 min readNov 2, 2023


Imagine this: It’s 2040. You’re stepping off a hypersonic jet, having zipped from the Big Apple to the heart of London in the time it takes to watch a movie. But the journey’s not over yet. You hop onto an urban sky-taxi, soaring above the hustle and bustle of London’s notorious traffic, reaching your doorstep in a breezy 20 minutes. As you float above, you’re not just gazing at the clouds; you’re immersed in a holographic meeting, thanks to the magic of 6G blending satellite and cellular wonders. No, this isn’t ripped from a sci-fi novel. It’s a peek into what’s around the corner.

🌐 The Hyper-Connected World:

▪ 6G promises to create a unified living ecosystem, connecting homes, cars, and cities.

▪ Launch of 20k satellites this decade for high-speed broadband and location-based services.

🤖 Dawn of Technology Singularity:

▪ AI evolution leading to powerful technologies that could transform our reality.

▪ By 2035, innovations like Neuromorphic and Quantum computing will challenge Moore’s law.

🔗 Industry 5.0 — The Symbiotic Era:

▪ Focuses on efficiency, productivity, and the role of industry in society.

▪ Human-robot coworking will reshape jobs, skills, and global sourcing.

⚡ The Energy Transition:

▪ Energy will be decarbonized, decentralized, digital, and democratized.

▪ Potential future where energy, like Green hydrogen, could be free.

🚀 Future of Mobility:

▪ Multi-modal, integrated systems offering real-time dynamic guidance.

▪ Fourth and fifth dimensions of travel, like hypersonic speeds (London to New York in 2 hours).

🌆 Future Society and Urbanization:

▪ Diverse future customer base requiring personalized services.

▪ Growth of Mega regions in the East, like the Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor.

🌍 Economic Powerhouses — Baby-bust Economies:

▪ By 2040, developing economies to account for >65% of global output.

▪ Countries like China, India, Brazil could be among the top 15 economic powerhouses by 2050.

We are on the brink of a disruptive revolution.

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