What Makes Roger Ver Change From Bitcoin Jesus to BCH Preachers?

Roger Ver, an early investor in Bitcoin, said that compared to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency users and developers worldwide are more willing to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

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BCH, the “branch” of Bitcoin, was separated from the Bitcoin network last year because some developers decided to upgrade to improve transaction efficiency. Roger likes to call BTC Bitcoin core because he thinks BCH is the real bitcoin. His company, bitcoin.com, was also legally plagued by Bitcoin’s naming issues .

Because he is an early investor, Roger is called “Bitcoin Jesus,” but he says that Bitcoin core’s software is too slow, expensive, and unreliable.

Instead, he suggested using BCH, a cryptocurrency coined for trading.

He said that there are new innovations and infrastructures built on the BCH system. “Because this really works.”

“All of these existing businesses are building their new products on top of bitcoin cash, just like myself as the CEO of bitcoin.com,”

Ver said onFast Money” Tuesday. His website helps investors buy and store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This week, BCH has successfully completed the upgrade and the block capacity has reached 32MB. However, this upgrade directly led to a 5% drop in BCH prices.

Despite this, BCH’s current price of $1269 still doubles compared to the price of $763 last month. In addition, BCH was the best performing cryptocurrency last month, and its gains beat top-ranking digital currencies such as Ethereum, Ripoco, and Bitcoin.

Roger does not seem to be worried about the price drop after the upgrade. He also predicted that BCH prices will double at the end of the year. As for Bitcoin, he believes that at the end of the year there will be only a 30% increase.

“This upgrade gives BCH the potential value of paying for daily business activities. While many other tokens are merely speculative assets, there is no practicality.”

He mentioned that people in Thailand are already free to use BCH to buy food, beer and coffee.

BCH exists in the form of currency; unfortunately, bitcoin core no longer has this feature.This is spreading rapidly around the world.

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