Want to Do a Good Job in Blockchain? First of All You Have to Figure Out These Issues

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“There are more and more people talking about the blockchain in today’s society, but there are also more people who don’t understand the blockchain. So, letting more people know what the blockchain is doing is very important, and it is very clear to define the blockchain, Very important. “ At a seminar held recently by the Institute of Industrial Innovation and Finance of Tsinghua University, Gao Xiqing, a professor at the Law School of Tsinghua University, said.

Chen Kang, an associate professor of computer science at Tsinghua University, said, “Blockchain technology is not mysterious, but because it combines cryptography, distributed systems, and game theory, these three anti-intuitive theories have become difficult to understand. “ .

Kang Chen believes that the concept of blockchain can be split into “ blocks “ and “ chains “ first . Its greatest feature is a link .“ Chain “ is a sequence of transactions, and “ block “ is the formation of a “ block “ of each transaction . The core issue is how to determine the placement of the next “ block “ in the transaction process . Blockchain summed up the 3 characteristics: First, all transactions are ordered ; the second is divided into individual transaction “block “; the third is under way to determine the draw by a “ block “ who.

“ The real meaning of decentralization of blockchain technology is to mediate it. ” Liu Yan, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Zhongmin Xineng Investment Group, believes that blockchain technology may bring two trends: First, benefits brought by technological advantages A significant increase; Second, these technologies may lead to the accumulation of centralized wealth and the continuous differentiation caused by the leading technology. “This is what we need to clear-headed and we must firmly avoid. “ Liu Yan said.

Lu Liang, founder and CEO of CyberMiles , said that although the development of digital currency is still slow today, it is believed that blockchain and digital currency will become important opportunities for e-commerce and can create a new type of transaction environment.

With regard to the extent to which the blockchain can change the financial system, Gao Xiqing stated: “ Many people think that the intermediary agencies will be completely eliminated. I still do not see this possibility today. There are some so-called centers among various mechanisms. For example, the alliance chain in the blockchain is also a sub-center and it is impossible to completely remove the center. “

Gao Xiqing suggested that relevant departments should make a clear definition of the blockchain in order to better regulate development and prevent chaos. “ Before you understand the blockchain, you should first consider whether the blockchain can bring benefits, but you can’t just look at the damage and throw it away. Moreover, due to the characteristics of the Internet system and the way the blockchain operates, There is no way to completely eliminate the blockchain. Now some countries are creating an environment to attract the blockchain industry, because it can get the benefits of rulemaking, industrial interests, etc.. “ Gao Xiqing said.

Xie Deren, professor of accounting at Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management, believes that blockchain can solve the problem of centralization of raw transaction data, but the conversion of original transaction data into financial statements may still be central rather than decentralized.

Zhang Taowei, an associate professor of finance, believes that blockchain technology needs to be applied in a wide range , and it needs to continue to innovate and find new technology paths and methods to improve the operating efficiency of blockchains and reduce operating costs. In addition, the blockchain can only solve the problems of decentralization on the line and non- destruction of information, but when converting offline related content into online information, there are “ moral hazards ” caused by fraud ( for example, fake accounts ) and other possible, blockchain technology still can not solve.

With the further development of science and technology, blockchain technology may develop by leaps and bounds. At present , the underlying construction of current blockchain technology is still relatively weak, and everyone needs to work together to increase investment in blockchain technology.


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