Voucher tokenization: IT Giant Fujitsu Launches Blockchain Project

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Japanese IT giant Fujitsu will implement a project as part of a data storage blockchain system that will track the tokenization of coupons and similar trade-related banknotes.

According to the company, information about customer transactions is to be stored in a decentralized database, which reduces the load on standard central data centers and simplifies data analysis. The project developers are confident that the technology will revitalize the regional economy due to the wide distribution of coupon tokens in the population and their use by shopkeepers, restaurants, schools, transportation and tourism facilities.

Before introducing the new technology, Fujitsu tested it with various organizations, including rail and telecommunications companies. For example, in March, the Taiwanese retail network FamilyMart tested this system for managing transactions and storing digital coupons.

In March, Fujitsu also introduced an innovative system for reviewing smart contracts.

Marko Vidrih @cryptomarks

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