Vitalik Buterin: “I destroy jobs and create better ones”

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The founder of the blockchain platform Ethereum is one of the most colorful personalities in the crypto community and has emerged as the “poster boy” of blockchain technology. During the weekend, Buterin talked about the crypto scene and its role in two interviews. He gave some exciting insights into his life, his blockchain project Ethereum and his view of things.

People are social beings who help visualization and personalization identify with a thing, a project or an idea. This is recognizable in the personality cult of a political party or the heroization of individual athletes from a team. In the crypto scene this is no different — people want people who embody ideas.

Looking at the Bitcoin as a placeholder for the entire crypto scene or even for the entire blockchain area, so is first or the inventor of the first Blockchain as a potential figurehead of the community on the hand: Satoshi Nakamoto. However, since various myths about the true identity of the Bitcoin developer rank, one must assume that Nakamoto also retires for the time being as an identification figure. One of the minds that comes across the looming gap is Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

Buterin is one of the most dazzling personalities at the age of 24, giving a face to the young and aspiring crypto scene. He sees himself as an ambassador of blockchain technology alongside his role as head of Ethereum and wants to further promote the positive image of applications.

Blockchain: Epochal change

Among other things, he spoke in an interview with the Vice magazine. He talked about his beginnings in cryptography, at that time synonymous with the use of Bitcoin. He began exploring the technology behind the cryptocurrency in 2011 and paid for it in his student job. Convinced of the idea that a group of people with the Blockchain can build their own independent financial system, he finally set about developing his own platform.

The possibilities of the Blockchain describes Buterin as “epochal change of the existing conditions”. Bitcoin eliminates banks through peer-to-peer transactions, and Ethereum extends this to digital binding agreements — through the use of smart contracts. Whether he sees himself as a “destroyer of the old world”, given the mass of jobs he could potentially make superfluous, Buterin is asked. “I destroy jobs and create better ones,” says Buterin dryly.

Critical look at ICOs

He gave deeper insights into the crypto scene in a second interview, this time in the Financial Times. There he went to the part hard with Initial Coin Offerings into court, many of which bring the crypto scene no further. There are projects that “never had a soul”. At one point, he even became concrete and introduced the token TRON as an example.

He was aware of his personal role as a figure of public space, even if he did not aspire to it. Rather, he had gotten into this role because his project Ethereum had become so great. Nevertheless, it is difficult to deal with celebrity at times, especially when you are being harassed at the airport by people who want to talk to you.

Buterin had been very critical of the wave of ICOs in the past — despite the fact that most, like TRON, are running on their own platform. Also, the attitudes of many investors, mainly the investment case of cryptocurrencies, but not to look at their specific application, pokes at him sour. In December, he tweeted slightly tipped, he would soon leave the community, if it was only about Lambo memes and the possibility of quick money.

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That exactly will not happen, should be clear to him most of all. Too important to him is the spread of his vision and to remain part of the Blockchain revolution.

Author: Marko Vidrih @cryptomarks

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