US investor Tim Draper: Blockchain Could Free Individuals From Inefficient Governments

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According to Cointelegraph, at the GovTech Pioneers conference in Vienna, Austria, US investor Tim Draper presented his vision for a blockchain-based digital government in his opening speech.

He outlined the future of a large-scale change of national roles and responsibilities using blockchain technology using smart contracts and artificial intelligence. Draper said that if we combine Bitcoin and blockchain with smart contracts and artificial intelligence, we can create a perfect government agency.

Draper explained his vision for the future in healthcare, citizens can store all relevant health data such as X-rays, DNA analysis, blood tests, and other results on the blockchain, and automated systems can use artificial intelligence to continuously analyze the data. Send advice and warnings to individuals.

According to Draper, once all this information is stored in the blockchain, it will make it easier for people to get rid of inefficient governments:

“The services provided by the insurance, healthcare, and real estate industries are very bad and require a lot of money. The government that burned a lot of money for the worst service first felt this.”

Recently, Draper suggested that California, the United States, be divided into three parts for easier management. In an interview with Cointelegraph in mid-April, he criticized the over-regulation of the state’s IT industry. Draper said:

“Despite the great weather here, my friends may be here, but there is no business motivation in California.”

Draper continues to be optimistic about the great potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as demonstrated by his Squared debate at the end of April. In the debate with cryptocurrency critics, Draper stated that the importance and influence of Bitcoin and its underlying technology outweighed the major technological eras such as the “Iron Age,” the “Renaissance,” and the “Industrial Revolution.”

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