UrbitData — a project that wants to stir up the real estate industry

Urbit Data is in the process of creating a large “online” real estate platform and wants to be one of the biggest, so that already today many people are talking about this ambitious and promising project. Of course, certain expectations build up, which should be fulfilled if possible, so that no one is disappointed in the end.

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This is clear to Urbit Data, so the team has very clear goals and has been working to achieve those goals for more than a year:

  • Improve access to international real estate around the world on the same platform.
  • With the intelligent Urbit Data contract, all real estate purchases, leases and sales should be managed more easily and transparently.
  • The existing Urbit Data Pricing Tool is designed to provide a more realistic and fair price by comparing multiple property data sources.
  • The speed, efficiency and reliability should be increased with the Urbit Data software and also unnecessary documentation should be avoided
  • Reduction of transaction time
  • Urbit Data users should download the company’s software, which provides the Urbit Data database for the listed properties.

Urbit Data has already developed the Urbit’s Price Valuation Tool, an online platform that collects publicly available real estate data from various real estate portals, public registers and other sources. By combining all this data, it is possible to obtain an estimate for similar objects in their vicinity and thus provide transparency in a otherwise opaque market.

With this powerful tool, users can get information about sales and rental prices, comparisons between real estate, price changes and more about the desired property.

Another outstanding aspect of the project is the Rewards system for users. Quite simple: Urbit Data pays you! Yes, users can download the big data software from Urbit. You will receive Urbit Coins with this software, which supplies the Urbit international real estate database.

The volume of the real estate industry is enormous and should be better understood by the individual. That’s why the Urbit team has created solid and strong solutions to improve the current situation.

The Urbit Data project differs from the others for several reasons:

  • Urbit Data offers a mix of solutions to all of the key points mentioned above: but in essence, real solutions for the users
  • Urbit Data implements a Global Big Data Software (user can download free). Nobody else in the real estate market offers rewards for using the app of this company, which can be used on a computer or from a mobile phone.
  • Urbit Data does not want to reject a service that offers a complete real estate solution to its customers.
  • Urbit Data also plans to implement the price evaluation tool (free). A similar platform was bought by the International Bank for $ 10 million. However, this platform did not have the technoligue Urbit wants to use: blockchain, global big data, rewards for users and cryptocurrencies.
  • Urbit Data launches a beta version, which is in operation for the Spanish real estate market. It’s not just an idea. It is already a reality!

Urbit Data is certainly one of the ICO projects that are commented on quite often and receive so much attention. Urbit’s project is also about an incredibly large and very diverse industry (the real estate industry). Thus, the Urbit project has already aroused the interest of investors, institutions and individuals. The Urbit pre-sale began on 14 June 2018.

Token info

Platform — Ethereum

Token Price — 0.1 USD

Tokens for sale — 252,000,000 URB

Token supply — 600,000,000 URB

Investment info

Hard cap — 19,000,000 USD

Accepting — ETH, BTC, FIAT

Restricted countries — Malta

Know Your Customer — Yes

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