Unexpected Cash Rain: Exchange Coinnest Accidentally Sends $5 Million to Their Customers

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Coinnest, a South Korean exchange, inadvertently delighted its customers with a $5 million Airdrop in BTC. That was not planned.

The South Korean Exchange Coinnest has blessed its users with unexpected cash flow. According to a Coindesk Korea report, the Exchange Coinnest is said to have mistakenly sent $5.3 million in Bitcoin to some of its customers.

Maybe the bitcoin rain was karma

Originally an Airdrop was planned by We Game Tokens (WGT). For some unknown reason, the Exchange instead distributed precious Bitcoins. Maybe it was karma. In April 2018, the former chief of the Exchange was caught trying to steal several billion won (several million dollars) in client funds.

With the latest faux pas, however, customers should have fewer problems. At least not those who suddenly found Bitcoins on their wallets. As if that was not enough, Coinnest apparently also sent loads of South Korean won to some of his customers.

Most of these credits were returned to the Exchange. The situation is different with the shifted bitcoins. It is well known that Bitcoin accounts can not simply be frozen. Therefore, the exchange now asks their customers to send the coins back to the recipient. So far with moderate success. Many traders were happy about the money blessing and immediately transferred the BTC to their cold storage wallets.

As if that were not enough, the BTC price on Coinnest dropped briefly to nearly $50. Many traders wanted to exchange their surprise profit namely immediately, which drove the offer artificially in the height.

Author: Marko Vidrih

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