The Wallstreet Journal has Published 5 Blockchain Projects on its List of Technology Companies

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The Wall Street Journal has published a list of 25 technology companies that should receive attention this year. Among them there are a total of five different blockchain companies as well as those dedicated to ERF research of cyber security and artificial intelligence. Below are companies that deal extensively with crypto and blockchain technologies. For a complete list of companies, visit the Wall Street Journal website.

# 2 Blockstream Corp.
The largest of the WSJ valued companies, which deals with the blockchain or crypto currencies block Stream Corp. The startup from Montreal was founded in 2014 by a team consisting of Adam Beck, Matt Corallo and Alexander Fowler founded. Currently, a total of 50 employees work on projects of the company. Blockstream Corp. is currently working to improve the Bitcoin network and to develop technologies to support micropayments. They are also looking for ways to create a system for receiving intercontinental exchange cryptocurrency data.

# 6 R3
The company has also been at the forefront of the WSJ list over the past few months with a lot of media attention. There were rumors last week that they are facing bankruptcy, but the company denies these reports. R3 is developing a blockchain-based platform that enables secure transactions between companies and financial institutions. R3 was founded in 2015 in New York.

# 11 Digital Asset Holdings LLC
Another blockchain company that impressed the Wall Street Journal staff is Digital Asset Holdings LLC. Like R3, this New York firm works on fast and secure operations between financial institutions. In addition, they also work closely with the largest stock exchange in Australia.

# 12 Brave Software Inc.
Brave was founded in 2015 by Brian Bondi and Brendan Eich. The company currently employs around 60 people and is headquartered in San Francisco. Last year, Brave successfully launched its own privacy-oriented browser package. They are also working on next-generation advertising solutions with their BAT token. Also interesting is her recent collaboration with Dow Jones.

# 13 Abra
Abra was founded in 2014 by Bill Barghidt and James D. Robinson. The Californian company currently employs 50 people. Abra’s official name is Plutus Financial Inc. Abra has developed a mobile application that allows users to invest in 25 different digital assets and 50 fiat currencies. The wallet service allows users to track prices and exchange different currencies.

The last issue of the Wall Street Journal was less pleasing on the blockchain world. Among other things, they said last month that in 271 ICO projects presented, several were given a red flag to indicate some kind of fraud.

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