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TenX launches the crypto-visa card, while competitor MasterCard signs a patent for a Bitcoin tumbler. Meanwhile, the pace is rising, in which the turn of the Swedes from the cash is carried out — and there is already talk of a state cryptocurrency. Ripple and R3 have unpacked the peace pipe and decided to cooperate. Ethereum crashes through the $100, but could at least make up some ground by announcing the Constantinople Hard Fork. The situation on Wednesday.

TenX launches the crypto-visa card

Charge your debit card with Bitcoin and pay at all VISA points of acceptance with cryptocurrency — for TenX customers in Singapore, this is supposed to become reality by Christmas. On December 11, TenX co-founder Julian Hosp announced the start of KYC procedures for the first recipients of the in-house crypto-prepaid card. The first cards should be delivered by Christmas. Maybe one or the other is still enough for the Christmas shopping? However, European customers still have to be patient. The crypto credit card is due to enter the European market in the course of next year.

MasterCard wants to mix up Bitcoin

Meanwhile, the competition does not sleep — although, she could sleepwalk as well: Because it seems strange that MasterCard has just filed a patent for a kind of Bitcoin tumbler. Bitcoin tumblers or mixers serve to produce fungibility of individual Bitcoin units. A rogue, however, who MasterCard here a legal croak subordinate.

Cash in Sweden threatened with extinction

MasterCard, TenX Card, Bitwala Card — main card, one thinks meanwhile in Sweden. The Scandinavians are gradually becoming a cashless society. Credit card payments per capita in 2018 exceeded US figures for the first time. In response to the population’s growing lack of interest in cash, the introduction of e-krona is also under discussion. E-krona is a government cryptocurrency issued by the Swedish Central Bank.

Cooperation among bank friends

Even with Ripple and R3 crypto and traditional banking sniff each other. Now XRP is to become the first cryptocurrency supported by the Corda Settler of the banking consortium R3. The cooperation takes place after a year-long legal dispute, which the companies apparently have not just legally shelved.

Coinbase Unveils Listing Candidate

In addition, XRP is still on the radar of the Bitcoin exchange Coinbase. The Exchange announced the upcoming listing candidates on December 7th. For some of the 31 contenders, it is already the second attempt. In addition to Stellar Lumens XLM, this also applies to the banking coin XRP. The valuation basis used is the digital asset framework of the crypto exchange. Coinbase emphasizes that there is no guarantee that the listed tokens will be listed.

Ethereum Rips the $100 — Can Constantinople Help?

Meanwhile, ETH, which ripped Ripple off as the second-largest cryptocurrency, hit its low last year at around $83. A tentative low for the downtrend followed by Ethereum 2018. After all, as a result of the announcement of the Constantinople Hard Fork, the ether price rose slightly and is now working off on the 90 US dollar mark. Among other things, Constantinople is intended to pave the way to reaching consensus through the Proof of Stake.

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