The historic North Korean Peace Declaration is Recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain and can be Played in the Future

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On April 27th, the leaders of South Korea and North Korea met at this historic moment and signed a peace agreement between the two countries. Today, this moment has been permanently recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to reports, a 27-year-old Korean game developer Ryu Gi-hyeok has written a Panmunjom declaration that includes “Korean peninsula will no longer have war”, including both Korean and English versions, and stores two versions. In two Ethereum trades.

Last week, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un shook hands. This was the first time that the leaders of the two countries had done so for decades in order to announce the end of the Korean War.

Ryu told the media:

“I just thought it took too long for the South and the North to give way to each other … After finding out what I could contribute to this historic achievement as a developer, I found the Panmunjom Declaration on the Blue House homepage and recorded it on Ethereum.”

Ryu said that inspired by China’s #metoo activists, he also plans to launch a website service that “persists all historical records” and stores them on the blockchain. He uses the Ethereum blockchain to record messages in order to circumvent Internet censorship.

According to media reports, a senior student at Peking University wrote an open letter about a historical rape case that was first examined on the Chinese Internet. However, it was later converted into code and stored by an anonymous person on the Ethereum blockchain.

This move subsequently sparked the interest of Chinese universities and expressed support for the use of blockchain by the author of this letter.


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