The Greatest Value of Blockchain is Still in Technology

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Blockchains that have become popular all over the world are no longer new. The most important thing on the Internet is the blockchain news. Perhaps ordinary people are not sensitive to the blockchain, but it is significant for the enterprise. Blockchain technology was originally applied only to digital currency, but after several years of development, entrepreneurs have been mining the value of technology itself. For them, blockchain + application is the greatest value.

When the Internet first developed, many people were not optimistic about this technology, but later the Internet did bring drastic changes to our lives. Today’s blockchain technology is also not favored by some people, but at the same time, some people have turned the blockchain into a revolution that revolutionizes the world. We can’t overturn the world with blockchains, we don’t know about the blockchain approach, but we have a pessimistic view of us. Agree?

The decentralized and irrevocable characteristics of blockchain technology cater to the security requirements in the modern industry. For traditional industry + blockchain technology, more enterprises are looking for the establishment of their trust mechanism.

It is understood that domestic BATs have also begun to deploy blockchains in 2015, but the common ground among them is that they have not touched on virtual currencies and they have all developed blockchain technologies. The introduction of BAT has brought confidence to the industry, and some companies with concerns have gradually entered the blockchain.

As an underlying technology, blockchain technology can establish a set of ecosystems and economies. Applying to different areas will produce different effects. At the same time, blockchain technology is also challenging for internet giants. In terms of technology theory, capital supply, and ecological design, blockchain technology has emerged from the traditional model as a new form.

In terms of applications, BAT has already begun to apply in many fields such as finance and games. Thunder has also begun to create “super blockchain.” The future blockchain may also shine in the areas of digital marketing, supply chain, entertainment, copyright, etc. The development of technology will lead to more application scenarios.

Author: Marko Vidrih @cryptomarks

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