Telegram Passport — Identification on the Blockchain

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The developers of a new blockchain platform called TON (Telegram Open Network) got down to the closed testing of the Telegram Passport service, which will allow to identify users through their personal data. By early summer, the TON team is launching the first full-fledged service on the platform.

After uploading all necessary photos and documents (passport data, international passport, driver’s license, bank account statements, utility bills, etc.) to Telegram Passport, users will be able to transfer this information to partner platforms in order to receive services both inside and outside Telegram. User data will be protected by means of password encryption and two-factor authentication. No one, including Telegram, will have access to users’ personal information.

Currently, Telegram already has a number of partnerships, including the Qiwi payment service, the founder of which have invested 17 million USD in the Telegram ICO.

It should be reminded that Telegram has decided to do without the public ICO round, as the Durov brothers’ companies TON Issuer and Telegram Group raised 850 million USD from 81 private investors in February 2018, and got another 850 million USD from 94 private investors in March 2018. In case the TON platform and cryptocurrency launch fails up until October 31, 2018, Telegram is going to return funds to investors.


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