Syncfab (MFG) a Sleeping Giant on Cobinhood Exchange

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Founded and headquartered in Silicon Valley in 2013, SyncFab is an active provider of best-in-class low-cost solutions to supply chain buyers and domestic manufacturers. SyncFab began as an online Design-For-Manufacturability platform and later evolved to a business-to-business supply-chain and IIoT Machine Learning Data mobilization platform matching industrial parts purchasers with a growing network of machine shops and advanced manufacturing facilities mapped by who is local and who is clean — an ISO 50001 US DOE certification for efficient energy management.

The vision of SyncFab is that of a domestic network of high-tech manufacturers of all sorts of precision industrial parts, connected to a smart contract platform able to offer efficiency gains and cost savings to the large buyers that currently rely on cheap offshore suppliers.

SyncFab wants to connect buyers to sellers in this decentralized manufacturing marketplace and match demand to machine shop production capability, with a platform featuring mobile access, search functions, order flow, digital inspection reports and online payments.

A one-page MFG explainer noted, “For every dollar spent on manufacturing within the United States alone, $1.81 is expected to be added to the economy.” A more detailed white paper describes how decentralized manufacturing, blockchain technology and smart contracts could bring about the “Industrial Revolution 4.0.”

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According to the SyncFab white paper, decentralized manufacturing will strengthen U.S. industry and give small machine shops direct access to a peer-to-peer manufacturing ecosystem for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), where purchasers will find companies capable of advanced machining of on-demand parts, dramatically improving the efficiency of their supply chains. It’s likely that if SyncFab’s initiative delivers on its promise to bring manufacturing jobs back to local economies, its impact could be huge.

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The prestigious ICO Bench gave the company a 4.3 ranking. Meanwhile, SyncFab is preparing to make several announcements on partnerships in the upcoming weeks.

Just as shipping containers revolutionized global trade by simply removing the high inefficiencies, overheads, and time costs associated with conducting business via shipping, SyncFab aims to do the same with the manufacturing industry. The technology and the platform on which to do it are ready, and each passing day brings us closer and closer to this as the only solution that makes intuitive sense. It is just a matter of time before this idea picks up steam and revolutionizes manufacturing as we know it, and SyncFab is at the bleeding edge of that change.

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