Study Shows a Doubling of Female Cryptocurrency Investors

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Of course, there are also female gender figures who are interested in cryptocurrencies. But at the core in the whole industry rather a male domain. This is also shown by the statistics of our YouTube channel — only three percent of the audience is female.

In the era of growing technology, and the pace at which the technology is growing is immense in today’s world, and with the growth in the technology at such a great speed there are many components of the technology that takes a lead step in such a growth, the ones among them are the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The sector of crypto and blockchain have seen a gigantic growth both in the terms of size as well in terms of fund raising, but there is a major problem that is growing with such a progress i.e. gender quality. According to statistics this sector of the crypto and blockchain is highly dominated by the males and the females on the other hand constitute only about 5% to 7% of the total people working in this sector. Which also means that about 92–93 % of the total are the men in this tech sector.

Reasons for this inequality.

The major reason for such a problem is that this sector is being dominated by the men since its advent. Therefor one can also presume that women may have got no chance of entering in the blockchain and crypto sector. Moreover the main requirement of such a sector is coding techniques which is also being dominated by the males only. So women find hard to enter this sector and to work here.

Steps taken to encourage women in blockchain and crypto

The following are the steps that are taken by the various institutions and other agencies to bring out the more and more participation of women in this sector.

· Firstly, the awareness among women is increased by scheduling their meetings and conferences on the topics of crypto and blockchain, therefore the more women meet working in this field the more will be the exposure.

· Secondly, since coding being a male dominated sector, therefore there are other areas for the developments of women such as finance, accounts, marketing, sales etc.

· Thirdly, there should be more and more of the talking between women regarding this topic, the more they will talk the more the exposure and awareness they will get regarding blockchain and crypto.

Damaging impact of women working in blockchain and crypto.

Since the sector of the crypto and blockchain is highly technical and complex in its nature, therefore there is only the requirement of highly technical and the people willing and able to do such jobs, therefore for the growth and success in this sector there should be selection of only those women who possess such skills rather than showing off the mere presence of female employee working providing no such use in the work process. There is absolutely no doubt in the capabilities of women and the wonders that they can do, but the sector of crypto and blockchain requires only such a employees who can understand and can contribute their maximum, then be it a man or a woman.

Interest among female investors has doubled in the last six months

But that fact may change soon, given the results of a recent survey . The London Block Exchange (LBE) , a popular UK stock exchange, has been able to find that female investor interest has more than doubled in the last six months.

While half a year ago, only six percent of women surveyed were interested in investing in cryptocurrency, according to the latest findings, the figure is around 13 percent. The LBE study also found that cryptocurrencies have gained popularity, especially in the millennium generation .

Agnes de Roeyer, Senior Business Analyst at London Block Exchange, said:

“There is still a common misconception that cryptocurrency is a game for men. But we’ve noticed in recent months that hundreds of women have registered with our exchange.“

By contrast, men’s interest stagnated in the first half of this year. This circumstance could indicate that growth will continue to be dominated by the female faction over the next few months.

Women are less vulnerable to irrational investment

The report also shows that female investors are far less susceptible to irrational investment than men, and their decisions are 50 percent less likely to be guided by fears (FOMO).

Many analysts attributed last year’s rally to the bitcoin price from $ 1,000 to nearly $ 20,000, especially to those who are carelessly throwing money on the market. If the report from the London Block Exchange is correct, more female participation could help bring some peace to this often-volatile market.

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