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One of the problems that today exists in the digital economy, are presented to us in the form of a set of negative reasons. These are reasons such as high volatility, high speculation and lack of user-friendliness. All this contributes to the fact that the cryptocurrency exchange has a big barrier for mass integration into our life and economy. Therefore, there was a need to develop and create an entirely new type of crypto active, which will be aimed at solving this problem. This task was undertaken by the Send project, which was created to provide us with these solutions.

The main and global goal of the Send project is to ensure that crypto-economy and its assets become widely recognized in the world.
SDT is a crypto currency that is designed for exchange rate decisions and high volatility.
SDT users can be private individuals or institutions that intend to store, transfer or exchange different values ​​in a safe and stable way.

About SendProtocol

Sendprotocol offering stability and predictable growth, Send (SDT) solves three challenges preventing crypto adoption: speculation, volatility and a lack of user-friendliness. Send (SDT) is viable crypto for a future shaped by consensus. In 2013, Send founders began working in Bitcoin (BTC) related services including the design, development, and deployment of BTC ATMs across the United States, South America and Europe. While setting up dozens of machines around the world, Sendprotocol identified a clear demographic pattern: high-migrant geographic areas showed higher-than-average BTC transactions. Intrigued by this pattern, they performed a deeper behavioral analysis of the migrant population and uncovered how individuals were using Bitcoin as a new exchange instrument for their cross-border and other financial transactions. BTC is one example of a financial instrument that enables migrant users to bypass regulations and their associated costs, including: exchange currency control, limited offerings of foreign currencies, arbitrage exchange rates, and high remittance costs. Yet despite vast potential benefits and growing use, cryptocurrencies still comprise a small percentage of total transaction.

On Ethereum based platform has its own application WeSend. It is the first application to start sending assets using Send (SDT). The WeSend application provides opportunities for a variety of platform stakeholders with a high level of security and low cost without the impact of third parties, send money. There are no restrictions on sending money, the application works around the world without borders.

On the platform it is possible to exchange SDT tokens with fiat currency and allow fiat currency transfer in an instantaneous way and with very low costs, thanks to the use of the SDT token that is the tool for sending itself (Escrow System).

To the platform are added other partners interested in the transfer methodology, who have agreed to implement the exchange with SDT, such as puntored, ePayco and cryptobuyer.

These synergies and the presence of a platform like WeSend already active with its own pool of provable transfers, give value to the SDT token because it is recognized by the parties as an object of exchange. Furthermore, to accelerate the use of the token, the Consensus votes to divest part of the tokens available to interested users if they can provide an advantage to the user community. In fact, an SDT token award system is also provided for developers who decide to implement the SDT token as an exchange currency.

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The token is a digital asset designed to represent a stable and dynamic price consensus generated
from a liquidity discovery process. Unlike current digital assets, which are governed by floating prices defined by unregulated markets that are very susceptible to speculation, demand manipulation, and high volatility, SDT is tied to a price consensus mechanism that defines the representative value of this digital asset within the Send Consensus Period. Initially, the SDT is expected to implement the ERC20 token standard and exist on the Ethereum public network. The SDT implementation will serve as the reference token for the Send community. The Send foundation maintains the right to migrate to a completely new blockchain protocol that reinforces SDT.

Total supply of tokens is 700 000 000 SDT.

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As for the project team. As it usually happens, the best minds and specialists are involved in such projects. Therefore, the Send project is no exception. The Send team consists 12 team members and 6 advisors. But I want to highlight executive director and co-founder Camilo Jimenez. Since 2013, he devoted himself to cryptoeconomics and its development. In 2016, Camilo founded InstaKiosks LLC, the company that developed the most economical Bitcoin ATM in the world and released commercial systems for retail stores to Bitcoins selling points. At the age of 16 he founded his first e-commerce company. His team-mates and co-founders are Francisco Córdoba Otálora as chief project coordinator and Marcio Abreu as chief technical director. Their experience is also impressive with their achievements and developments in the field of digital economy. When a similar team is behind the back of the project, the chances of success and the realization of all plans are very large. And for me personally there is no doubt that this attempt to solve pressing problems will be in demand by the crypto community.

On the question: “As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?they answered:

· Marcio Abreu

As the CTO and Co-founder of Send, I’ve been leading the development efforts around the Send Consensus Network from conceptualization to smart contracts development and product implementation.
We aim for the SDT token to become the unit of account of the future, serving communities as a safe medium to store value and exchange currencies.

· Sarah Kate Hartt

Sarah is responsible for Send (SDT) marketing and communications. She brings 7+ years of experience in education, strategic communications and management to this project.

· Daniela Escobar

My role in the ICO is to develop a community of interested users that want to send money through WeSend. Within three months we have created a +80.000 community that is interested in our platform.

· Jairo Bernal

I’m one of the full stack engineer. I create services using the token contract, providing easier management.
Send protocol project is a unique opportunity for me. Cryptocurrency will allow me to send money around the world without worrying about the possible losses or gains that BTC or ETH has in a short amount of time.

· Eugenio Mendoza

I’m an experienced Software Engineer, frontend (client web) developer, and develop the interaction between blockchain technology and user experience. I work exclusively on the development of the WeSend web platform, which involves development of web components, implementing interface design and connecting the WeSend application with the Ethereum blockchain and the Send Smart Contracts.

SendProtocol goal

A combination of negative factors — high volatility, high speculation, and lack of user-friendliness — in the use of cryptocurrencies prevents mass adoption. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new type of digital asset that addresses those challenges. The process of acquiring and using cryptocurrencies should be simplified to correct the negative image and increase awareness by integrating more users into the market economy. To transform a digital asset into a widely accepted and widely used unit of account.

“We believe sending money should be instant, stable and predictable, with fewer fees, and easy — among friends, across borders, and between currencies. So, no matter where you are in the world, everybody is part of the same network.”

Presale: start 01.06.18 end of the 31.06.18;
Presale price: 1 SDT = 0,14USD;
The main sale: start 15.07.18 ending on 14.07.19;
Price: 1 SDT = 0.2 USD;

All the important information can be found here:

Official website:





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