“Save The Date”: Upcoming Mainnet Launches by EOS and TRON Under The Magnifying Glass

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That EOS and TRON will soon launch their mainnets is well known. But which other projects will also reach this important milestone? A look at the coming weeks.

An extremely important event of a cryptocurrency or blockchain-based platform is the launch of its own mainnet. This is an important milestone for investors, especially in the age of the ICOs. The project, which has for the most part covered several million dollars, can now present a product to investors.

While the launch of a mainnet does not mean that all the White Paper promises have been fulfilled, the cryptocurrency of which only an ERC20 token or similar previously existed could be used.

Short-term investors and the traders are interesting at moment like this, as often before the actual mainnet launch, the price increases significantly. FOMO, the fear of missing something, is making the rounds and investors want to shop “fast while it’s still cheap”. Accordingly, it makes sense from both a long-term and a short-term perspective to track the data from main-net launches.

Within the next few weeks, a total of 12 mainnet launches are due by the end of June. Of these, five falls in the top 100 and three more in the top 300. Consider these individual according to their market capital.

EOS, according to its supporters “Ethereum Killer”, will launch its mainnet on June first. Between Vitalik Buterin and Dan Larimer, the head behind EOS, there were some disputes in the past, but they remained on a factual level. Recently Buterin had even factually in technical debates within the EOS community involved and recommended them for their system, an implementation of Casper.

Certainly, this proposal will not be implemented at least until the start of the mainnets. However, it will be interesting to see the network in action now.

Earlier than EOS, TRON will see the light of day. On May 31, the mainnet should actually start. Similar to EOS, TRON wants to be an Ethereum killer — leading to amusing debates on Twitter. The structure is also reminiscent of EOS: if there are the block producers, TRON relies on so-called super-representatives, who are responsible for maintaining the consensus. Even though the beginning of the network was controversial and Justin Sun made a name for himself with announcements, it should be noted that a large community formed around TRON. This does not seem to simply consist of bagholders making their own coin; Recently, a 19-year-old developer from Germany has a Wallet dApp programmed for TRON.

With a decentralized engagement of the community, TRON could actually be interesting because the team behind the project wants to put the entire ecosystem on decentralized feet. With the launch of the mainnet, you can see if the cryptocurrency does what it promises.

VeChain / VeChainThor (VEN / VET)
Also VeChain can come up with a soon coming Main Net. On June 30, it should be ready. VeChain, a supply chain management blockchain, has several partnerships . Although the announced partnerships were somewhat inflated at the beginning , VeChain has continued to build partnerships. Accordingly, it will be interesting to follow the time after the launch of the mainnet. Importantly, VeChain has undergone a rebranding and will now be called VeChainThor. Recently, the development team has a first ICO on the VeChainThor platform announced.

Ontology (ONT)
Ontology is the most popular token on the NEO blockchain after the native tokens NEO and GAS. This project was one of the first NEO ICOs. The goal of Ontology is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that is block-chain-wide. It would like to use decentralized digital identity, data exchange and various industry-specific modules.

On June 30, the Ontology Network will launch mainnet.

NULS , which aims to build a modular blockchain infrastructure and realize a cross-block consensus, strikes a similar nickname as Ontology. Currently, NULS is still an ERC 20 token, which should change on May 31st.

Beyond the top 100
Let’s conclude with the three coins in the Top 200: Bottos (BTO), a decentralized AI network, to be born on 15 June. So far, this is an ERC20 token.

Oyster (PRL) wants to develop a website monetization solution that also has distributed data storage. The project will use both IOTA and Ethereum. Whether this project works or not, you will see on 29 May.

The Internet Node Token (INT) finally will on May 31 be listened to. Currently it is still an ERC20 token. The Internet Node Token should be a blockchain-based solution for the Internet of Things.

As you can see, a lot of things are happening in the Blockchain ecosystem before the summer holidays. Whether the mainnets will deliver what was promised in the White Papers only time will show. Nevertheless, it is very nice to see that various projects are now coming to a conclusion.

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