Samsung Applies for Blockchain Patents in the Eu

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The electronics group Samsung has registered three brands for Blockchain products in the EU. Is the South Korean group now following HTC and Sirin Labs?

Samsung and Blockchain

So far, HTC has taken the first step with Exodus 1 to a commercial Blockchain smartphone. Sirin Labs Blockchain smartphone called FINNEY is also one of the first mobile devices, which could be interesting for Crypto fans. Both smartphones guarantee secure storage of keys. On normal smartphones, such security is not always guaranteed, which can put the use of Blockchain apps before unexpected security risks.

Interestingly, the world’s largest smartphone maker, Samsung, seems to believe in the future of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Currently, the entire cryptocurrency market cap is at a low $110 billion. Investors are roughly divided into two camps: for some, it is the “crypto winter”, for others, just another deep phase, which can soon be replaced by a rise in share prices. Samsung seems to believe in the long term to the last scenario, otherwise, the registration of three brands in the European Union would make no sense.

An interaction between human and Blockchain

The three-word marks are currently being tested. Many information is missing. Only the names and the short description could provide some more information. These are Blockchain Key Box, Blockchain KeyStore and Blockchain Core. What sounds like a Blockchain project by name, should be relatively clear. In the trademark application is a description:

“Smartphones, software applications for mobile devices, computer software platforms, application software”.

It may be obvious that Samsung will release key management apps for its models. Managing private keys on smartphones that provide unrestricted access to your own crypto address has always been a security issue. Hardware and software optimizations could minimize these security risks. Additionally, with this move, Samsung could fill the growing niche of crypto enthusiasts and benefit from their future growth.

But all that is careful speculation. Whether the trademark application really takes larger steps or is merely a preventive step, remains open. The fact is that smartphone manufacturers have great opportunities to significantly improve the interface between humans and Blockchain.

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