Ripple is Investing $ 2 Million in McComb’s School of Business

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Ripple Labs has begun funding the first university with over $ 2 million in research funding for the next 5 years. The cash injection is intended to promote research and training in the field of blockchain technology and thus promote the opportunities and potential of this technology.

The McCombs School of Business is the first research facility to receive money from Ripple’s Blockhain Research Fund, which is worth $ 50 million. Ripple has a total of 17 universities that are scattered all over the world, but dedicated to blockchain research.

Eric van Miltenburg describes in a press release that research institutions in the country will be the driving force in the development of this field:

Science has traditionally been a critical engine for technical innovation. Our support of McCombs is a recognition of the important role the school can play in promoting our understanding and application of cryptography and blockchain technology.

Cesare Fracassi, teaching professor of the McCombs School of Business, carries out that he still has no precise roadmap for how the research will be implemented in practice.

Cesare Fracassi is founder of the Blockchain Initiative, which supports local institutions to conduct research on blockchain technology. He would like to draw attention to other institutions that can also benefit from this program:

Not only the business school, but also other industries can participate. For example, the medical school expressed its interest in blockchain research.

Ripple drives the research on its own and secures the possibility in the near future of getting well-trained staff from the universities into their own company.

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