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Advertising market was in 2017 is worth of 591$ billion and out of that 209$ billion was considered in online advertising. Without the proper data, no business can get an accurate result on their expenses.

The problem is in the current market is; The data industry nowadays is more complicated different data sources offering different data. How anyone can offer different data for the same thing. Though the current strategy is not sufficient. Here DataBlockchain provides a robust interface between data sources and users. The management of DataBlockchain will manage the quality of the data which is going to provide to the user.

DataBlockChain is a ground-breaking data platform, aiming at the democratization of big data, rendering it more accessible and cheaper than the existing ways of data gathering and vetting. Thus, the users have an opportunity to access various data sets cost-effectively and transparently, obtaining precisely what they are looking for without making payment for irrelevant data.

Identified problems and solutions

The goal of Datablockchain is to solve two major market problems: there is no transparency in transactions and no centralized data sources.
The success of any business, in turn, depends on customers. To the client base was a kind of reflection and additional advertising of the company, it must be impeccable. To do this, you need information about customers. Good customers attract other good customers, they are others, and so on.
Everything seems to be a pretty good scheme, but the whole problem lies right at the very beginning. The data is very difficult to collect. To this, huge forces and resources are being spent, and guarantees that the data will satisfy the request are not as great as we would like.
The problem of selling data is that for the money the consumer gets the whole base, not just what he needs. This moment rests on the financial issue, because the whole base is expensive. And this is a blow to small and medium-sized businesses, and even individuals.

Datablockshain is designed to solve this problem and to divide huge data into segments, and then sort them by some signs for the convenience of navigation in the system. This, in addition, will speed up the search process. And time is no less valuable resource than money.
It is also planned that this platform will eventually have Datablockchain AI — artificial intelligence. It will be called exclusively to help users, and even the expansion of the platform will not be a problem. After all, AI will be in a constant learning process, and therefore increase its effectiveness.
Datablockchain ensures that the information is reliable and can always be verified personally. Information about suppliers will be open, constantly checked and monitored, which will eliminate the possibility of selling false data.


The project has many advantages, the main ones of which are:

  • Complete assurance of data validity;
  • The need to contact intermediaries disappears;
  • The interface is very simple and convenient, so the procedures for obtaining information and payment will be easy;
  • Suppliers can monetize their data;
  • Transparency of the whole process will ensure the impossibility of fraud;
  • High transaction speed;
  • Principle of operation and scope of application.

The platform will have its own tokens — DBCCoin. They are useful for rewarding providers, transactions in system and payment for Data Providers.
The system itself offers three ways to generate income:

  • Providing data;
  • The partner sends information using the API;
  • Data of the partners are placed


1. Scott Hirsch — CEO

2. Jesse Brown — CTO

3. Sunny Rajpal — CIO

4. Dennis John — CDO

5. Adam Mittelberg — CMO

6. Brad Mitchell — Analytics

7. Kate Webster — Statistician

8. Peter Surprenant — Data Aggregation

9. Joshua Hirsch — Database Development

The team consists of 9 team members and 8 advisors.

Token & Investment info

· Token: DBCCoinPlatform: Ethereum

· Type: ERC20

· PreICO price:1 DBCCoin = 0.08 USD

· Price in ICO: 1 DBCCoin = 0.12 USD

· Tokens for sale: 591,600,000

· Min. investment: 1 ETH pre-ICO, 0.1 ETH ICO

· Accepting: ETH

· Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD

· Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD

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