Registering .sats Domain on Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain

Registering .sats Domain on Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain

How to register the .sats on the BTC chain

Marko Vidrih
3 min readJun 2, 2023


The world of blockchain continues to evolve, and now it’s not just the digital assets but also the domain names associated with cryptocurrencies that are gaining attention. One such domain extension is .sats, which carries significance in the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem. While the practical applications are yet to be fully explored, many enthusiasts are interested in registering .sats domain names as a way to commemorate their involvement in the space. In this article, we will guide you through the process of registering a .sats domain name on the BTC chain.

Step 1: Set Up a HiroWallet

Similar to other digital wallets like Metamask, HiroWallet is a user-friendly digital wallet that operates on Bitcoin and Layer 2 solutions such as Stacks. It provides seamless integration with Ordinals, an NFT trading platform on the Bitcoin chain. You can easily install HiroWallet as a Google Chrome extension.

Step 2: Register Your .sats Domain on Ordswap

To register a .sats domain name, you will use the Ordswap platform ( Choose the text method and, if needed, opt for batch inscription for multiple registrations. The text input format follows this structure: {“p”:”sns”,”op”:”reg”,”name”:”ordinals.sats”}. Simply replace “ordinals” with your desired domain name.

Step 3: Verify Domain Availability

Before finalizing the registration, it is crucial to check whether the domain name you wish to register is still available. You can do this by visiting and replacing “name” with your desired domain name. If the result shows “not found,” it indicates that the domain is available for registration. If any inscription or block information appears, the domain is already taken.

Step 4: Provide Receiving Address and Make Payment

Once you have confirmed the availability of your desired domain name, proceed by filling in your HiroWallet’s Ordinal inscription address as the receiving address. Typically, this address starts with “bc.” After entering the address, select “Make a Payment.” The current cost of registering a .sats domain name is 0.000268 BTC (approximately $8 today).

To make the payment, you can either withdraw BTC from an exchange or use a BTC wallet. When withdrawing from an exchange, make sure to meet the platform’s minimum withdrawal amount. If the amount required for the registration does not exceed this minimum, you can either register multiple domain names or pay in smaller amounts from your wallet.

Step 5: Check Wallet for Domain Name Confirmation

After making the payment, you will need to wait for a specific period of time for the registration process to complete. It typically takes around 50 minutes for the confirmation to appear in your wallet. Once confirmed, you will see your newly registered .sats domain name in your wallet.

The .sats domain names hold promise and potential, although their specific use cases are yet to be fully defined. Speculations range from potential airdrops for .sats domain holders to integration with NFTs within the BTC ecosystem. Time will reveal the true value and utility of these domain names.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that apart from .sats domain names, there is also the .btc domain name available on the BTC second-tier STACK. To register a .btc domain name, you will need 2 STX, and it can be used for a period of 5 years. Using HiroWallet, you can log in to, search for unregistered domain.



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