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The past few years have been bursting with the blockchain technology and in particular cryptocurrencies. Each week brings forth ICOs with different approaches to how we could use blockchain technology. One of the leading innovations to emerge from the blockchain technology wave is the decentralized ecosystem that works in a distributed manner with a dominant utility currency. While there is a decentralized structure, blockchain ecosystems allow for maximizing impact. And as with any elements on the blockchain, we get an overview of a blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to redesign the future of our transactions and investing.

INGOT Coin is the first fully integrated wallet with a digital bank, brokerage service, crypto certifier, community and ICO accelerator. All rolled into a single and complete ecosystem, which rewards token holders and consumers for using and contributing to it. INGOT Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which provides benefits and discounts within the ecosystem itself.

INGOT Coin aims to create a new full-fledge Ecosystem that will conveniently bridge the gap between the crypto world and the current financial markets. INGOT coin ecosystem components are: IC Digital Bank, IC Exchange, IC Wallet, IC brokerage, IC Accelerator, and IC Crypto Certifier. All these components will be integrated through an innovative blockchain technology that facilitates trading between the traditional stock market and cryptocurrency. On the other side, it will offer cryptocurrency traders unlimited access to all essential trading instruments such as shares, ETFs, and commodities. Iman Mutlaq, the director at INGOT Group mentions that “This ecosystem will be the cornerstone for the upcoming period; through establishing the first decentralized commodity exchange that is based on the distributed ledger technology.” The aim of this phase is to increase productivity of small farmers by providing them with a transparent price discovery mechanism”. Ali Shibib, the CEO of INGOT Coin, state that “With one account application the user of the ecosystem will have a bank, wallet, exchange, and a brokerage account.This will encourage the user to use Crypto in their day to day activities.”

INGOT Coin Components

The vision of IC Ecosystem is to revive lost unity and demand to both markets by establishing 6 different components to work hand in hand under one umbrella, providing all community members the chance to capitalize on upcoming opportunities in all markets.

IC Wallet:

IC Wallet will be working as a custodial for all crypto holders in our ecosystem. The wallet will ensure multisig and cold storage systems to create a secure environment for all stakeholders.

IC Exchange:

IC Exchange is a single platform offering two venues, our ICO platform, and the full fledge all-inclusive exchange. The exchange will be listing major coins and newly issued ICOs. Moreover, the Exchange will enable trading the current financial instruments: ETFs, futures, commodities, and fiat facilitated by the Ecosystem’s Brokerage, Bank, and Wallet.

IC Brokerage:

IC Brokerage creates a hub of liquidity, efficient market pricing and access to all financial products, ranging from fiat currencies to international equities, and from commodities to ETFs.

IC Digital Bank:

It will provide 24/7 automated payment processing with high-level web-based custodial services managing the IC Brokerage and IC Exchange duties along with day-to-day online services such as e-payments, current accounts and savings accounts handled by debit cards. The IC Digital Bank will provide fund management for all interested stakeholders.

IC Crypto Certifier:

It will empower market participants, through delivering industry-leading certifications in crypto markets. Webinars, seminars and expert blogs will have a swift and direct impact on raising awareness and knowledge.

IC ICO Accelerator:

IC ICO Accelerator is a boutique specialized in assisting blockchain projects to issue their ICOs, the boutique ours professional services for supporting ICOs creation through collaboration with advisors, law firms and specialized marketing companies, all the way to listing successful ICOs on the exchange.


IC is an ERC-20 hybrid token, which serves both as a utility and a security token simultaneously.


The team consists of 22 professionals and there are also 5 advisors for the project. Some of the notable team members are:

Iman Mutiaq — INGOT Coin co-founder

Ali Shibib — CEO at INGOT Coin

Ali Faqih — CFO at INGOT Coin

Zeid Madbak — CRO at INGOT Coin

Ahmed Khawanky — CMO at INGOT Coin

The Roadmap

The roadmap for this project is really comprehensive and it starts with Q3 of 2017 when the initial team did a research on financial threats that may happen in the future or that may already be underway.

They reserved 2017 for research and developed a business model in Q1 of 2018. The whitepaper was created in Q2 of 2018. The pre-sale is also made in Q2 and the beginning of Q3 is reserved for the first round of ICO.

The plan is to go live with the IC Wallet in Q4 of 2019 and to open an IC Digital bank in Q2 of 2019. All of the other components of the website are scheduled for the second part of 2019 and for 2020.

ICO info:

Token Name: INGOT Coin Token

Token Symbol: IC

Total Supply: 120,000,000 IC

Rate: 1 IC = 1 USD

PRE-ICO Start Date: 01 / May / 2018

PRE-ICO END Date: 30 / June / 2018

ICO Start Date ICO: 01 / July / 2018

ICO End Date ICO: 11 / August / 2018


INGOT Coin is a promising and ambitious project. From the first pages, Whitepaper allows you to feel the scale of the project and evaluate the depth of the material.

The roadmap has the first milestone in Q3 2017. The team devoted the first three months to identifying, organizing and analyzing the problems of the crypto-market users. The results helped INGOT Coin to formulate the idea of a multi-module platform, and at the same time the team managed to avoid blurring of the focus. That stands out them from the crowd.

The INGOT Coin team is made up of seasoned specialists who were working together previously, including financiers, analysts, and people with business experience. However the technical part of the team is not represented. We consider this as a disadvantage.

The second point that should be noted is the claimed security properties of the token. This can attract attention of the regulators and create additional legal risks for the project.

As for the rest, our opinion about the project is positive. We recommend that you remember the name of the new player and pay attention to the project.





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