OKEx Temporarily Adjusts the Limit of Quota for Correspondent Transactions

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On May 3rd, the OKEx Exchange issued a public announcement.

According to the announcement, OKEx has temporarily lowered the trading limit of KYC2 at 16:00 Hong Kong time (10:00 AM Central Europe Daylight Time) on May 2nd, 2018, in response to the large number of users being frozen in the point-to-point trading area of ​​OKEx recently.

The limits for buying, selling, and issuing trade orders are compared as follows:


800 CNY (125,63 USD)

800 CNY (125,63 USD)


From 100000 CNY (15704 USD)

to 5000 CNY (785,20 USD)


1000000 CNY (157040 USD)

1000000 CNY (157040 USD)


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