NEW REPORT; 75 % of People Globally are “aware” of Cryptocurrencies

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Dalia Research released a report on May 9th that revealed the status of global bottom-up adoption of cryptocurrencies. The report shows differences in crypto ownership and knowledge along lines of education, gender, and nationality. It was surveyed by more than 29,000 Internet users in the world’s largest eight cryptocurrency markets (US, UK, Germany, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, China, and India).

The survey revealed that 75% of people globally are “aware” of cryptocurrencies, only 50% really understand its meaning;

South Korea and Japan have the highest cryptocurrency awareness and knowledge. Both were highest in South Korea (87 percent, 60 percent) and Japan (83 percent, 61 percent). Proportion of respondents who own cryptocurrency is higher than those who plan to purchase it, only 4 percent of people who do not already own crypto intend to invest within the next 6 months.

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Japan’s cryptocurrency ownership rate is the highest, 11%, while the global average is 7%;

the report also shows that when it comes to cryptocurrency knowledge at the time, the gender gap between men and women was 11%. The gender gap (19%) in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany is higher than in Asian countries;

surveys also showed that people who have higher levels of education are more likely to own cryptocurrency (12% high education and 4% low education) and willingness to buy it (67% High education and 33% of low education).

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