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The global business community is looking to benefit from true economic growth. A system free from the influence of regulatory agencies and malicious third-parties. One that is open countless enterprising opportunities that include raising capital through ICOs, streamlining operations via blockchains, and increasing profits. Introducing xDAC — a decentralized network with a built-in Proof of Work (PoW) incentive mechanism, a comprehensive governance tool, and an innovative support system for DApps and internal Autonomous Agents — all housed on top of EOS. Welcome to the newest way to effectively run your business.

Xdac focuses on providing unequalled solutions in the blockchain crypto-sphere by providing a platform where parties can build and showcase their services. It certainly will evolve with astounding ideas that will be second to none and offer the widest reach. You miss it, u miss out. Decentralized applications with xDAC is the best option for all!

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xDAC Platform

The focus of an xDAC platform is not just company creation and token distribution, but establishing standards for decentralized businesses. An xDAC platform takes full advantage of decentralized ledger technology and lets anyone create and manage company without the limitations of geography.

xDAC Platform Features

The xDAC platform establishes digital jurisdiction over xDACs created and operated by business owners. Disputes with third parties are resolved expediently and objectively through a decentralized Dispute Representative Board (DRB).

Owners have option to issue a certain number of voting or non-voting tokens through a smart contract and distribute them between the owners or public via ICOs or a token sale.

The most important part of each company is payment processing and the use of digital wallet technology. An xDAC platform will create a wallet with merchant tools for each xDAC upon the establishment of a company on the platform.

An xDAC Liability Fund is coverage in case the xDAC’s debts or liabilities exceed a certain debt-to-equity ratio. It is calculated as a percentage of received payments until certain threshold is reached. This protects investors in case of xDAC default.

xDAC’s PoW mechanism allows for an automated rating system to track the effectiveness of team members and companies and distribute the platform profit by way of participation.

Project and team management is a key feature of PoW Performance Rating. It helps xDAC keep up with tasks, scheduling, and distributing automated payments to team members


xDAC Platform aggregates three components together in one place, automates them, so system is beneficial for company and their customers. Companies have control over their governance, finances and their respective team. Business partners have confidence that companies they deal with are reliable and solvent by using a transparent system of governance and dispute resolution. An xDAC Platform is focused on creating a comprehensive framework for entrepreneurs, teams, autonomous agents or investors in crypto space who can benefit from decentralization. xDAC helps owners to operate a transparent decentralized company in front of their investors. Company owners can manage their team, tokens and financials, and securely store data on a decentralized ledger. Automated governance and dispute resolution will add to the speed of business evolvement and reward systems will make companies and their teams more productive, efficient, and motivated.

Why businesses prefer xDAC over traditional companies?

· Same governance across entire platform

· Control over teams and finances

· Easy fundraising

· xDAC platform profits distributed back to xDAC’s, not to other projects

· No local government registrations and interference

· Less administrative adherence, more time to focus on business


XDAC token is a platform currency representing value and wealth in the decentralized economy used for exchange of values between xDAC companies, employees, customers and other third-party entities. The token will be used on the xDAC Platform for dispute resolutions, pay team members, accept payments for services, profit distribution, and incentivize development. XDAC tokens are ERC-223-compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-223 smart contract. Ethereum tokens distributed in the ICO phase are pre-existing tokens and will be migrated to another protocol on the EOS platform. The Ethereum XDAC Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the xDAC Platform.

Name — XDAC

Blockchain — Ethereum-based (ERC223) token

Token Issue Volume — 100,000,000

Token Sale Volume — 40,000,000

Soft Cap — 1,500 ETH

Hard Cap — 35,500 ETH

Token Price — 0.001 ETH

1 ETH — 1,000 XDAC

Min Purchase — 0.1 ETH/100 XDAC


Initially, they will focus on developing a reliable product. In 2018 will be dedicated mostly to R&D. Starting in 2019, they will expand their efforts to marketing, development and building strategic partnerships.

Start — Nov 2017

Start of the project, Team Set up and Project start off

Preparation for ICO — Dec 2017 — Jan 2018

White Paper, Market Analyzes, Landing page

Bounties, Community, Private Placement — Mar 2018 — Apr 2018

Launch of bounty campaign and community engagement. Smart Contract, token issuing. Private placement round.

Token Distribution: ICO Round & Dev — May 2018 — Aug 2018

Pre-sale and ICO. Distribution of tokens. Integration identity verification, governance. Development of xDAC client — Company and Wallets.

Development & Testing — Aug — Oct 2018

Development of xDAC Core functions (Voting, Ratings), Client functions (Team and Tasks)

Alpha Release & Testing — Nov 2018

Alpha version release of xDAC Platform and xDAC Client

Beta Release & Testing — Jan 2019

Beta version release of xDAC Platform and xDAC Client

xDAC Team

Oskar Duris — Founder/Project Lead

Sergey Anpilogov — Frontend Developer

Dmytro Stepanenko — Blockchain Developer

Alex Harmash — QA Engineer

Michael Marquis — Communication Lead

Benjamin McDermott — Research Lead

Eric Stone — Technical Lead

The xDAC platform is a well thought out offering that is capable of addressing a common desire of modern business — globally. Essentially enabling team and project management while shaving costs and facilitating almost any aspect of business growth, the xDAC ICO has tremendous legitimacy and potential application. xDAC offers a professional blockchain solution for anyone, not just institutions or big companies. Anyone can benefit from this offering. Real world solution for real world problem.

Marko Vidrih


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