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New mobile game has turned the price charts of crypto-currencies into racing tracks.

In the crypto-currency world, even in hard times, there is a sense of humor. One company has created a mobile game in which you can ride a small crypto car on a schedule of wildly fluctuating prices of major and minor digital currencies. It turned out funny and very good.

The game is called Crypto Rider and in some way repeats the style of Line Rider. But the differences they have enough, so it’s unlikely that the creators of Line Rider can make claims to the new game.

How to play:

You choose a car, and then — a schedule for driving. In most cases, the trip begins with a modest start of the coin and continues to its maximum price values. Also there is a route of “total market capitalization”, “race for the leader” (where you can break the price schedule) and an extreme route specifically for the owners of Bitcoin: bumpy descent from $ 20,000 to $ 7,850. Updates of the routes should appear with time — as the growth or fall of the crypto currency.

The game is cute: on the track there are funny messages, and instead of exhausts — tiny coins that you need to collect to unlock new cars.

Daniel Fahy, the founder of the company-developer SuperFly Games, says:

“At one time the game was a side project for me. The original ten tracks are the minimum that provides the so-called replay ability. Given the positive perception of the game by users during the launch, I, of course, will add new tracks.”

It’s free, it’s silly, and it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes laughing at the pathos with which some crypto-currencies seek to overthrow the existing financial systems.

Fahi also says:

I hope people will find the game funny, because it definitely was not thought of as something serious. This is just frivolous fun for the participants of quite a serious space.

You can download Crypto Rider for iOS or Android.

Author: Marko Vidrih

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