NBA Tickets Can be Paid in Cryptocurrencies

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Fans of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks have received another opportunity. Since the new season, they can pay their favorite team’s tickets with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

With the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) next season launch in October, fans of the Dallas Mavericks will have the opportunity to pay for their tickets with Bitcoin and Litecoin. This was announced recently by the owner of the team, Mark Cuban. Originally, the new payment method was supposed to be introduced early this year, but needed more preparation. Significantly involved was the Marketplace app 5miles.

Sponsor supports crypto payment

5miles is the new official jersey sponsor for the Dallas Maverick. The company runs an app that allows individuals to easily hire and complete their own private sales or services — much like Ebay Classifieds. However, 5miles also accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Comet. In collaboration with Aliant Payments , 5miles will also be able to accept Litecoin in purchasing basketball tickets. It also ensures faster and safer transactions. In addition, Harrison Branes, a Dallas Mavericks player, is to become the brand ambassador for 5miles.

Cuban points out:

“One of the things that they’re taking the lead on that I tink is important is combining the blockchain with a marketplace in order to create a safer environment and a more secure environment.”

Cuban himself, who made his fortune of 3 billion US dollars, among other things, as a software entrepreneur, he is also a credible crypto-investor. According to his own statements, he invests only if he is sure that it is a lucrative business. He already explained the importance of Blockchain at a press conference in March.

Grawin Chan, CFO of 5miles, explains a bit modestly:

“So far, our interaction and experience of working with Mark and his team has made us a world-class organization. They do everything they can to investigate exactly what happened and use best practices. “

Now we are curious when the soccer (football) FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association) will jump on this train.



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