MobileBridge Momentum launched the world’s first blockchain and password token based marketing automation platform and Momentum token. It allows companies to use Momentum tokens or launch their own cryptographic tags to more accurately engage and reward their customers in exchange for their attention, business, brand awareness, and data insight while giving consumers full control over their personal data.

MobileBridge Momentum is a truly disruptive, reward-based marketing machine that can break the marketing model. Momentum allows marketers to assign a value to each action that has a positive impact on their sales. The company will directly pay the most valuable customers to help them grow their business, rather than an expensive third-party marketing agency.

The platform allows the launch of 1,000 individual reward programs, all of which are motivated by Momentum tokens. The existing loyalty platform itself is a $400 million market that can be replaced or converted to a reward-based program using the MobileBridge Momentum platform.

Company’s revenue will include two main sources of revenue: platform fees and momentum processing fees. Their platform is a SaaS solution for Momentum token payment.

Companies pay a relatively low implementation fee to support integration and configuration work in order to start working with the platform. In addition, there are several pricing models to choose from. These pricing models are based on the number of platform components (functions) used and the volume of transactions performed by the system. All models usually include a fixed monthly subscription fee to cover infrastructure and support services. Their pricing model allows customers to enjoy great flexibility, select the most suitable pricing for them, and ensure that their revenue grows with the growth of customers.

CEO Kees de Vos has 15 years of global leadership in digital solutions and products, specializing in global retail and digital commerce. Work with well-known retailers and brands such as WalMart, Argos, and Tesco to help define and implement digital commerce strategies.

Chairman and founder Eyal Oster is the co-founder of MobileBridge, driving the company’s overall vision and strategy. He has more than 20 years of leadership in software and hardware companies and start-up companies. He is a specialist in mobile experts, digital marketing automation, and customer loyalty.

Chairman Ariel Luedi is one of the 20 most innovative technology start-up companies in the world and one of the most successful technology leaders and investors in Europe. Ariel is the former CEO of hybris, hybris is a global leader in e-commerce software, and Ariel used to be a senior executive at Salesforce, Oracle, and Broadvision.

Traditional marketing is often disliked by customers. They are often badly timed, lack of personalization and result in spam.

Loyalty programs repeatedly fail as consumers lack a sense of value and ownership. Points offer no real value, often expire and are wasted.

In North America alone, the total value of unused ‘points’ is approx. $100Bn. This wasted potential can be used to transform customers into happy and active brand ambassadors.

There is a total supply of 1,000,000,000 ERC20 Momentum token. 500,000,000 tokens will be distributed during the three sales what equals 50%. Another 33% are declared as a strategic capital reserve, 5% are used as long-term team retention, while 3% are directly distributed to the MobileBridge Team. The rest of what equals 9% is used for 3rd party launch costs (5%), Bounty program (2%) and Advisors (2%).

The token price will be 0.10 €. The team aims to collect 25,000,000 €. The Soft-cap is 2,500,000 € and the hard cap 42,000,000 €. Regarding this information, the team has to sell just 250,000,000 tokens at the price of 0,10 € per token to reach their target and the hard cap will already be reached by selling 420,000,000 of the 500,000,000 tokens. There is no information on what happens with tokens that are not sold.

The importance of marketing and customers’ relationship management is growing as well as technology. But there a very few options to use technology in a meaningful way to improve your marketing and the relationship to customers. The traditional ways of marketing campaigns are not goal-oriented and effective enough. The result of these abuses is the development of a new marketing platform that is based on blockchain technology. A new way how to manage your customer’s relationships based on new technology is a strictly needed idea and promises success.

Furthermore, the MobileBridge Momentum project has a very experienced team and an existing business. There are many other existing and proven relationships of the team in place; as we can see at least three of the team members were already part of the executive team at hybris Software, which was successfully sold for 1,500,000,000 USD to SAP.

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