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The good news continues. Let’s take a closer look at the Nasdaq exchange’s interface. The UI is so beautiful that the visual effect is excellent and smooth. Together with the huge “NASDAQ”, free crypto trading title and “accept visa, mastercard” tips in the lower right corner, this is a Nasdaq trading website. This picture is so beautiful that it is hard to imagine that the era really came. But calm down and think about it?

On April 25th, the Nasdaq CEO just said Nasdaq will consider becoming a digital cryptocurrency exchange in the future. It was reported on the Financial Network on April 28th. Gemini cryptocurrency trading platform increases cryptocurrency trading oversight with Nasdaq’s technology. Yesterday on May 14th , the Nasdaq exchange came out. In less than 20 days, the two weekends will be deducted. According to the efficiency of the American people, an exchange can be launched. This obviously does not meet the efficiency of modern capitalist countries.

Nasdaq also announced on the official website that it provided technical support for Gemini, a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Just when I feel confused, I see DX.Exchange official website here.

The DX Exchange is actually powered by the Nasdaq trading engine technology, not the Nasdaq’s own official virtual currency exchange. The DX Exchange is also registered in Estonia and is regulated by the EFSA (Estonian Financial Supervision Authority), which allows the DX Exchange to provide its customers with a variety of encrypted transactions and can keep funds and deposits for customers.

Nasdaq’s infrastructure, such as its matching engine, is now used by more than 70 exchanges (mainly stock exchanges) in the world that use Nasdaq’s matching engine. DX is just one of them. The project uses the ambiguous English word powered by Nasdaq, which causes many people to misunderstand, because of translation into Chinese is interpreted as the NASDAQ Exchange. After careful investigation by IMEOS, Nasdaq’s official website did not see any form of cooperation announcement on DX Exchange transactions.

The real source of foreign media is actually here. has reported that NASDAQ-Powered Crypto Exchange DX Set to Launch Next Month. Although DX.EXCHANGE is not the official NASDAQ virtual currency exchange, it is indeed the first Nasdaq-backed cryptocurrency exchange and this time the cooperation between DX and Nasdaq, including brand name, technology, and regulation, believes that having the highest NASDAQ regulatory standards can avoid common mistakes and loopholes in virtual currency transactions, such as double-count transactions, which will also prevent False trading volume. (Whether domestic exchanges are already in turmoil)

DX.EXCHANGE allows customers to use the specified currency to purchase cryptocurrencies and currency exchanges. It can also convert various cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies and extract them. The platform begins to support six major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC. In the second phase, they will support 20 to 25 of the hottest cryptocurrencies and some relatively small cryptocurrencies. The important point is: the platform will not charge for cryptocurrency transactions, but traders need to pay about 10 euros per month.

Do you think this is over? There are more things that make you look surprised!

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According to Yuan Fei, a veteran currency circle researcher, the LOGO of the EFSA (Estonian Financial Supervision Authority) that appeared in the project was inconsistent with reality.

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LOGO on the website

Searching this LOGO through google pictures will reveal that this is actually the LOGO of the Ministry of Justice. It is not a license at all.

Is the LOGO of the Ministry of Justice in the upper left corner similar to the so-called license plate LOGO?

Then I find the official website of EFSA (Estonian Financial Supervision Authority) and the purple LOGO hanging in the upper left corner.




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