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The German cryptocurrency IOTA is in many pilot tests in the field and purposefully pursues a whole range of highly complex projects. It is often difficult to keep track. That’s why IOTA is working on a clear roadmap to summarize the goals of the upcoming research.

A member of the IOTA community has compiled a great roadmap that clearly shows all the further development steps of the Trinity Wallet. The next step is to briefly summarize this roadmap for all IOTA projects and publish them on the IOTA website.

Furthermore, two days ago , IOTA gave a blog post to all interested parties to give an overview of the research developments of recent times and the upcoming goals. Some projects are still in their infancy, others are already on the home stretch.

One of Qubic’s most prominent projects is to enable the use of Oracle’s and the outsourcing of computer services. Furthermore, it should make it possible to implement smart contracts in Tangle.

Furthermore, the development of IXI Hub is already in a closed beta phase, which is tested with some Exchanges. The IXI Hub connection is intended to allow new exchanges to easily and quickly add IOTA to their own exchange, without requiring developers to spend several months. In the future, the Exchange Hub should be able to do this in just a few days.

With access by Mathew Yarger research is being promoted in the security sector to protect IOTA and the Tangle future against potential hacker attacks. By providing the Trinity Wallet , which is currently still in beta, vulnerabilities in using the IOTA Wallet will be eliminated.

A big goal is also driving forward the adaptation of cryptocurrency IOTA in everyday life of people, as well as in industry. Recently, the Seeholz farm from Switzerland, which enables the payment of eggs and other goods from the farm with IOTA on their farm, enthused.

The complete list of current projects is briefly introduced:

  1. Coordicide : Analysis, modeling and simulation for the removal of the IOTA Coordinator or COO for short. The function of this software is to put “milestone” transactions on the tangle that help in ordering transactions.
  2. Autoperating : Understand the risks of automatic peer detection and user-friendly alternatives.
  3. Economic Incentives : Understand how Tangle can be improved from a mathematical point of view and perspective.
  4. Consensus Spec : A detailed specification of the consensus mechanism built on the foundations of the white paper.
  5. Crypto Spec : A detailed specification of IOTA cryptography intended for peer reviews.
  6. Attack Analysis : Thorough simulation and analysis of known attack scenarios.
  7. Exchange Hub : formerly known as IXI Hub; allows exchanges to integrate IOTA in days or weeks instead of months.
  8. IRI: Ongoing maintenance and improvements to the de facto IOTA Node software.
  9. Coo-free IRI: Rebuilding IRI to facilitate alternative consensus mechanisms.
  10. Qubic: enables Oracle and the outsourcing of computer services, as well as Smart Contracts on the Tangle.
  11. Local Snapshots & Permanodes: Activation, management or discarding of tangle history.
  12. C client: preparation for integration with embedded systems.
  13. iota.js: Get away with iota.lib.js, clean with iota.js, fully modularized for npm and fully typed for security.
  14. Tanglescope: Creating Tangle’s Performance and Metrics for Monitoring.
  15. MAM +: A full specification of full-featured MAM — if all goes well, including PKI out of the box.
  16. IOTA Controlled Agent: A prototype; early implementation of economic clustering and swarm intelligence.
  17. Trinary hash function: The replacement for Curl-P, which was developed by world-renowned cryptographers and optimized for the IoT.
  18. Protocol finalization

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