HyperQuant is an intelligent, decentralized platform for secure automated crypto investments based on smart contracts. It makes the investing and trading process simpler and more transparent for all market principals.

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Quant traders operate based on Quantitative Analysis which involves the development and implementation of complex mathematical models to make decisions about risk management, investments and pricing, and ultimately trading.

All market participants on the HyperQuant platform — from minor crypto investors to professional capital managers, VCs and hedge-funds — will have access to a broad variety of intelligent solutions covering all aspects of crypto investment and crypto trading processes.

Alpha Version Release

This version includes an automated user’s investment portfolio manager. At the moment it supports parallel operation on 5 major crypto exchanges and with 5 most popular tokens. They have successfully redesigned a main workplace and launched a trading robot selection. There are 5 new strategies with the biggest profitability and they are being traded online right now!

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How this works

A complex rating system is a right way for the development of the financial platform. A rating is the instrument’s potential in a certain period of time depending on the combination of quantitative and qualitative characteristics, expressed in a final digital mark. A rating can be calculated with the help of different statistical methods. In the world financial system the ratings are comprised by independent rating agencies — Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s as well as Fitch Ratings. They are used for evaluating the credit solvency of a company. Using such rating a potential investor can understand whether he/she should purchase the obligations of the firm and how reliable this investment is.

AI forms the investment rating based on its own analysis system. It can be shown to the user with any understandable graphic method. The investment success is analyzed using a wide range of criteria, exceeding the simple methods of risk-profitability evaluation.

In case of a rating mark going down — the neural network has an in-built alert system. If a user is performing risky actions, the trading result lowers or the portfolio element diversification is not high enough — the system displays a warning to the user. Similarly to a traffic light it varies depending on how critical the situation is. In the worst case scenario the system can block any access to the problematic element, thus avoiding the full investment loss.

In addition, a personal AI-based financial advisor will recommend how to configure bots and rebalance the crypto portfolios. Safety is also built in with an automated risk-management system and an easy-to-use visual bot constructor with built-in popular trading indicators making it ideal for investors to start making their own bots.

For developers and quant traders, HyperQuant can offer a professional quantitative framework that has many features including automating back-testing on historical market data, containing hundreds of trading indicators and ready-to-use algorithms. It also has tools to optimize trading strategies after they are launched and includes an open-source unified API protocol for all crypto exchanges.


HyperQuant issues utility tokens to create an internal economy inside the platform ecosystem. HQ economy leads to transparent and fair relations between all platform users. By issuing HyperQuant (HQT), they offer all users a chance to become creators of a revolutionary platform, enabling them to efficiently manage their capital. Every holder of the HQT Token will get different levels of access and available features of a solutions based on the HyperQuant platform. Level of access and available features of a particular product will be defined by the number of tokens in their possession.


The HyperQuant team consists of 11 team members and 4 advisors.

The founding team is made up of quant traders, IT professionals, and market analysts.

According to CEO and co-founder Pavel Pavchenko, creating the HyperQuant platform was a direct result of the team’s combined experience. Pavchenko himself has more than 14 years’ experience as a successful trader. He has worked in investment companies as an independent quantitative trader, managed a large hedge fund and even took part in the creation of Russia’s second largest stock exchange.

HyperQuant is a smart home for AI based prediction systems

When developing AI systems, aspiring entrepreneurs rarely consider the potential difficulties arising on a real market, especially when their systems need to be scaled. The algorithmic trading vitally requires a correctly built infrastructure for easy access to the exchange systems. This influences both the speed of receiving information online and the routing of the market orders flow to the exchanges.

· HyperQuant offers a united interface for receiving and unifying the information gathered from all cryptocurrency exchanges.

· Moreover, the request transfer protocol, developed by HyperQuant (HQ-FOT protocol — the counterpart of FIX/FAST protocols), allows to speed up the transfer of market orders in exchange systems by up to 10 times.

· HyperQuant platform automatically balances and sorts out the flow of orders on crypto-exchanges thus stabilizing the pressure on them.

· The utilized quoting strategies allow to boost the exchange positions many time over without causing sudden rate fluctuations.

· With these operations HyperQuant platform deals with the main activity load, allowing the central AI to focus only on its primary function — transferring the profitable signals to the user.

Cutting-edge AI-based technologies are rapidly evolving and flourishing these days. It is going to be the next “Big Thing”, a new trillion dollar industry. But at HyperQuant they are not just developing yet another smart algorithm or a neural network, they are building a huge platform, a future home for thousands of AI-based systems.

The HyperQuant team announced on May 17th that it was going to launch ICO in June of this year. You can JOIN whitelist here. They will announce the official start date of its ICO soon.

To find out more, please visit:

Website: https://hyperquant.net

Whitepaper: https://hyperquant.net/en/wp/

Medium: https://medium.com/hyperquant

FB: https://www.facebook.com/hyperquant.net/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOgRfmQR-GKJlbnF1tRQPgw

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyperQuant_net

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2104362.0

Telegram: https://t.me/hyperquant

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