Have You Heard About SKYFchain?

“It is SKYFchain that can unite all the market participants as based on the same distribution system. This will remove a lot of problems, starting with the approval of the delivery route for robots and ending with the calculation of insurance fees and payment transfers. Not only will this approach reduce transaction costs, increase the transparency of logistics schemes and calculations, but it will also increase the speed and quality of cargo delivery. The transition of logistics to the unmanned systems (rather ground than aviation) is a matter of a very short time. SKYFchain is the only solution able to satisfy all market participants. With the help of SKYFchain, we will support the logistics industry transition to the unmanned systems, which will result in a significant reduction of the transportation costs. All consumers will benefit from this, but especially those who are located in the least developed regions, in terms of logistics.” — says Alexander Timofeev, the CEO of SKYFchain.

SKYFT Token public sale is LIVE (until 15.06.2018), to participate click here. Current SKYFT price = 0.052$.



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