ETH Network Continues to Grow: more and more developers for Ethereum dApps

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Interest in applications for the Ethereum platform is increasing. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of programmers are now using decentralized apps.

The bearish crypto market should not prevent one from remaining optimistic about the future of decentralized technologies. More and more developers are working on Ethereum dApps so decentralized applications running on Ethereum network. The Ethereum blockchain is undoubtedly currently the most active platform for dApps and Smart Contracts. Since the launch of Ethereum in 2015, interest in technology has grown steadily, especially at the end of 2017, when the crypto-economy reached its peak. But just because the crypto-currency market has declined since then does not mean that the decentralized Ethereum platform would not have a great future ahead of it.

Soon over 2,000 Ethereum dApps available

According to estimates by the ConsumSys blockchain entrepreneurs, the number of developers belonging to the Ethereum-dApp community is in the range of 250,000. In October 2017 alone, the programming platform for Ethereum, Truffle, was downloaded 200,000 times and the total number of downloads is almost 550,000.

MetaMask, a browser extension that allows users to test dApps, has already found over one million users. The State of the dApps page currently lists over 1,600 remote apps. This is almost twice as many as at the beginning of 2017. In addition, consortia have formed with the intention to strengthen and expand the community. The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) , founded in March 2017, now has over 500 members. Startups, large corporations and foundations come together here to establish blockchain technology in companies.

Estimates met with skepticism

There are doubts in the crypto community as to whether there are really as many active Ethereum developers as ConsenSys claims. However, the fact is that applications are increasing and more and more large players and small, independent programmers are working on Ethereum dApps. Of the more than 2,000 dApps we will have by the end of 2018, most will probably not make it into the mainstream, but that does not matter. It is important that the development has started and continues to grow. As we know from so many examples in recent history, a killer dApp is enough to revolutionize an entire industry or to inspire the general public with new technology.

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