Enterprise Use Cases for NFT Technology in 2023

Enterprise Use Cases for NFT Technology in 2023

Marko Vidrih
3 min readDec 9, 2022


NFT technology, which stands for non-fungible tokens, is gaining traction in the enterprise world. NFTs are unique digital assets that are verified on the blockchain, which makes them immutable and secure. This technology has several potential use cases in the enterprise, including the following:

Proof of Ownership

NFT technology can be used to enable business partners and consumers to stake their claim or validate their right to a specific product, asset, or other piece of material information. This can include tracking shipping and distribution, claims, redemption, access, usage, and other data points. Teams can then use this data to build, prioritize, and reprioritize tasks and other JTBD (jobs to be done).

Proof of Authenticity

NFTs can also be used to trace an asset, part, or product back to its point of origin, which helps prevent fraud, reduce brand or value dilution, and avoid reputational risk.

Proof of Attendance

Business partners, employees, customers, or community members can use NFT technology to validate their participation or attendance in a given event or activity. This data can then be used to segment within a customer, community, or employee base and reward or incentivize certain actions or behaviors.

Proof of Knowledge

Building on the concept of proof of attendance, NFT technology can be used to validate whether someone has learned or absorbed certain information or acquired certain knowledge in the process of attending an event or participating in an activity. It can also be used to validate someone’s knowledge of a topic or recognize their domain expertise by certifying them or dispensing a credential.

Proof of ID/Reputation

NFTs can enable business partners, employees, customers, consumers, or community members to verify their identity (without the need for or exchange of personal information) and attribute value to their previous engagement or interactions. This can help individuals and businesses benefit from doing well and doing good.

Proof of Status/Loyalty

NFT technology can be used to prove loyalty, either via ownership, participation, or some other form of contribution of opinion/vote, knowledge, or work. Rewards systems and mechanisms can be designed to inspire further participation and contributions, and frequency of incentive use can be tracked and used to optimize programs and inform product development efforts.

In conclusion, NFTs offer a variety of potential uses for enterprises, from providing proof of ownership and authenticity to tracking attendance and knowledge. They can also be used to verify identity, attribute value to reputation, and track loyalty. These capabilities can help businesses prevent fraud, reduce risk, and optimize their operations.

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