Enter the Blockchain — First Learn, Then Invest!

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Why invest in theory?

Investment is the most complicated thing in the world. A successful investor needs to understand various disciplines such as politics, economics, society, and humanities. Of course, the learning of a direct financial system is also very important.

Only by understanding the design of the financial system, the flaws in financial products, and the direction of development of the financial system will the BTC recognize the greatness, support and actively participate in the blockchain industry, and promote the reform of the future financial system through this great technological change. Changes in the social system and even the upgrading of organizational structures.

In essence, investment is related to understanding and control of human nature. Without understanding human nature, it cannot be an outstanding investor. It can only be a speculator.

I remember that Warren Buffett’s office is full of books. He spends more time not studying the K line, but through a lot of reading, enriching the knowledge structure, and building a multidimensional cognitive system.

Investment is the realization of cognitive ability.

Not only needs the system of investment finance and other disciplines to be watered, but also the training of blockchain technology literacy.

It is not necessary to learn programming, learn to structure, and be a master of technical programmers. Of course, if it is available, it is certainly a particularly happy thing. However, my opinion is that as an investor, you only need to understand the principle and logic of the blockchain. And the representative ideology.

Regardless of advanced technology, the philosophical meaning of its representative dominates the development potential.

If this technology does not promote social progress, human harmony, and people’s well-being, it is a false proposition.

The technologies that meet the development of the times are all produced to solve these three goals. The blockchain precisely represents the best solution at present, although the blockchain is still immature and far from being able to bear such a heavy responsibility.

Only by nurturing technical literacy, can you identify with the project’s vision and improve the ability to discriminate, without looking at books related to technology, you can’t do it. Even if you don’t understand it, you must persist in reading and read the book 100 times.

Author: Marko Vidrih @cryptomarks

Most writers waste tremendous words to say nothing. I’m not one of them.

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