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A D V I S O R Y — A N N O U N C E M E N T

Emil Sterndorff, CEO of Altcoin Magazine joins MobiePay as an Advisor — A cashless, cardless, bankless, zero-fee global mobile payments solution with an affiliate reward system.

Emil Sterndorff, a serial entrepreneur, experienced networker, trained negotiator and founder as well as CEO of the Altcoin Magazine joined MobiePay as a key advisor on the growth-division of the project.

Emil will be helping the MobiePay streamlining products and platforms, introducing bootstrapping and growth hacking strategies, ensuring UI/UX is at its best at all times, and utilizing his network to leverage all aspects of the MobiePay project.

In addition to the advisory role, Emil has initiated a full-blown media partnership between Altcoin Magazine and MobiePay.

Mobie is a combined universal payment ecosystem that aims to provide a mechanism for users to spend or transfer fiat and digital currency from their mobile phone to merchants or other users worldwide.

MobiePay is a bankless, cardless, cashless global zero-fee payments app.

MobiePay will offer one wallet with many possibilities and the solution that will hopefully define a new world standard for personal finances. The app will enable users to earn rewards as well as sending and receiving all major fiat and cryptocurrencies near instantly.

Every time someone spends fiat currencies in any one of the world’s stores using the MobiePay app, money is flowing into the MBX token due to the genius cashback mechanism.

The project intends to bridge the gap between digital and local currencies enabling a revolutionary new payment standard for the bankless people worldwide, and the people thriving for a change in the financial sector.

I’m incredibly proud to announce that I will be advising on the MobiePay™project, a company solving real-world problems with their bankless, cardless, global, zero-fee, near instant fiat and cryptocurrency app. In fact, these guys are creating the exact solution that I was looking for when I had had enough of sky-high bank transfer fees ($40 on a $200 transfer) back in 2017,”

— explained Emil Sterndorff on his LinkedIn channel.

The company behind Altcoin Magazine, Altcoin Hub, Inc., seeks to provide the largest, most accessible and easy to navigate website full of engaging user-created news, articles, videos, podcasts, and soon, with the new website launch will be the go-to place for monitoring of coins, crypto companies, projects, products, events, advisors and much, much more.

Lastly, it is my plan and my duty to be the connector of people, to allow new relationships and partnerships to take place, so this relatively new space can grow at a faster pace than ever before,

— says Emil Sterndorff.

Altcoin Magazine is the place where readers, writers, educators, learners, creators, users, and companies unite to shape the future of crypto, together. It is an ever-expanding business opportunity with one core mission: To make cryptocurrencies and blockchain everyday knowledge by making it accessible and easily digestible for everyone.

In addition to the announcement of Emil’s advisory role, they are giving away $600 in presale value (50% off) of the MBX token to one lucky winner! To join the contest, visit this Twitter post.

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