Do Google and Facebook plan their own Cryptocoins?

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Two of the biggest players online are Google and Facebook. And both companies almost simultaneously announced a ban on promoting Cryptocoins on their platforms or in their ad programs. Are the two internet giants preparing to launch their own cryptocoins with this step?

The advertising ban on Bitcoin, Altcoins and ICOs was not necessarily surprising, but surprised that Google and Facebook almost simultaneously pronounced this ban (Twitter also followed a little later). This ban was made frowning, since it was implemented on the grounds that cryptocoins are highly speculative assets, which are very often associated with fraud. At the same time, however, almost all major social media platforms and Google itself continue to promote online casinos and poker sites.

Moreover, it is no secret that both Facebook and Google have already adapted blockchain technology and are looking for ways to leverage it.

Thus, a picture emerges, which allows the assumption, Facebook and Google are preparing just to throw their own Cryptocoins on the market. With their huge advertising platforms behind them, they could crack the Top10 of the Cryptocoins right off the bat.

Only on Monday also Philip Nunn, CEO of the investment group Blackmore, expressed this conjecture to The Independent Monday:

Crypto adverts allows them to do so on their own terms.

Marko Vidrih @cryptomarks

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