DAV Network ICO Review

Marko Vidrih
8 min readJun 9, 2018

DAV is an Ethereum-based network that aims to develop a global and decentralized structure for the transportation industry. The platform enables the purchase and sale of transport-related services, such as the booking of journeys or deliveries. The currency required for this is the DAV utility token.

Manned rides are already possible (eg. Uber), but without decentralization. Among other things, DAV will offer a comparable service on the Blockchain, without middleman and without charge. But even here, there is no stopping, because the vision goes even further and would like to make possible future transactions with autonomous vehicles — on land, on water or in the air. Controlled by Smart Contracts, for example, autonomous drone deliveries become reality, completely without human intervention.

DAV Network Tokenmetrics

Token, Tokenprice and Presale

The DAV token is an ERC20 utility token. The price of one DAV equals the equivalent of 0.0001 ETH, which is 0.069 USD as of today. Presale has a 50% bonus. The token itself and the Crowdsale Smart Contract are being independently audited by Zero Knowledge Labs (which, however, is still in the final stages and is not yet fully completed).

Token distribution and Marketcap

40% of the tokens are reserved for investors (708,571,429 DAV). The maximum number of tokens is 1,771,428,571 DAV. Any tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be taken out of circulation and destroyed. Overall, the company’s goal is to raise $ 38 million. This value is not entirely ideal in the market at this time and may cloud the prospects for a significant short-term increase in value.

The picture above shows which parties will hold to which part DAV tokens. With just under 40% of investors’ tokens, the distribution can not be described as decentralized. Mitigating circumstances are provided by the 25% that are to be spent on bounties and partnerships and thus are not, positively, under the control of the team.


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