China’s Ranking of Cryptocoins — EOS in 1st place

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In China, it is the state itself that rates Cryptocoins and regularly publishes rankings of its ratings. The latest version of this ranking appeared a few days ago and led EOS to # 1.

The Global Assessment Index for Public Technology is published by the Chinese Information Development Development Center (CCID for short). A total of 30 Cryptocoins were evaluated here, taking into account various indicators that analyze security, technology, application benefits and innovation of the project.

EOS was ranked # 1 in this ranking — published on June 20th. The ambitious project started its mainnet at the beginning of the month with great difficulty, which led to a price collapse of about 50%. However, the problems of EOS in China were not so tragic, suggesting that EOS is outstanding compared to other networks, especially in terms of innovation and speed of software updates.

In the ranking Ethereum landed by the way in 2nd place, Bitcoin in 17th place and Bitcoin Cash in 28th place.

The report’s top 15 assets are as follows:

  1. EOS (161.5)
  2. Ethereum (138.4)
  3. NEO (109.0)
  4. Stellar (108.3)
  5. Lisk (105.3)
  6. Nebulas (105.3)
  7. Steem (104.5)
  8. Bitshares (104.1)
  9. Ripple (102.9)
  10. Qtum (100.3)
  11. Waves (100.2)
  12. Cadano (96.1)
  13. Monero (95.9)
  14. Ark (95.0)
  15. Ethereum Classic (94.8)

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