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As a DAO subclass, xDAC is a company on a decentralized network with built-in power incentives, comprehensive governance and management tools, and support systems for DApps and autonomous agents, all on top of EOS.

xDAC governance is governed by the xDAC platform, which is designed as a self-sustaining, decentralized ecosystem of companies that are motivated by the benefits of being successful without geographical constraints.

The Development Assistance Committee

xDAC is a decentralized autonomous company that is created and operated on the xDAC platform by one or more people or an autonomous agent or a mixture of both. They have common goals and alliances to achieve specific, announced goals.

The xDAC platform

xDAC platform focuses not only on company creation and token distribution, but also sets standards for decentralized services. The xDAC platform takes full advantage of decentralized ledger technology, allowing anyone to create and manage companies without geographical restrictions.

Problems and Solutions

Centralized companies have only one point of failure. Setting up global operations is accompanied by their own set of legal and regulatory issues.
The xDAC platform focuses on creating a comprehensive framework for entrepreneurs, teams, autonomous agents and investors in the encryption field, all of whom benefit from a decentralized entity.

Governance and jurisdictional

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Funding through ICOs, encrypted payment processing, automatic payroll, support for DApps and internal autonomous agents

xDAC platform features

The focus is based on company creation and token distribution. It also sets standards for decentralized operations. Whether it is leveraging decentralized ledger technology, automated dispute resolution, or the security of stored information, the platform allows anyone to create and manage any type of company, regardless of geographic location.

The governance and disputes

xDAC platform establishes digital jurisdiction for xDACs created and operated by business owners. Disputes with third parties are settled promptly and objectively by the decentralized dispute representative committee (dispute representatives’ committee).

Ownership and Token Issue

Owners may choose to issue a certain number of voting or non-voting tokens through smart contracts and distribute these tokens among owners or the public through ICOs or token sales.

Payment Processing

The most important part of each company is payment processing and use of digital wallet technology. The xDAC platform will create a company on the platform and create a wallet with merchant tools for each xDAC.

Debt fund

xDAC debt funds are underwritten when xDAC’s debt or liabilities exceed a certain debt-to-equity ratio. It is calculated as a percentage of the payment received until a certain threshold is reached. This will protect investors when xDAC defaults.

The power performance rating of xDAC’s power mechanism allows the automatic rating system to track the effectiveness of team members and companies, and distribute platform profits through participation.

Project and team management

Project and team management are key features of the power performance rating. It helps xDAC keep up with task schedules, schedule time, and distribute automated payments to team members.


The xDAC ecosystem can be seen as several different technology layers strategically linked together.
In the decentralized smart contract platform, EOS is the most advanced cognitive blockchain platform.
The public smart contract layer of the xDAC platform provides an open source implementation of key components, creating governance for distributed applications (DApps) and autonomous agents to be built.

The xDAC client is an innovative user interface that centralizes all DApps and autonomous agents in one location. The initial plan was to build websites and desktop applications to interact with the xDAC platform.





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