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Business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce is a massive global market, expected to generate global sales exceeding $4 trillion by 2021. However, the lack of trustworthy cyber security, primarily in the form of identity theft, remains to be a serious concern for the industry. Moreover, the cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world are still waiting for an e-commerce platform that will accept cryptocurrency in exchange for all their products and services. From an overall perspective, till now, the industry still has much room for improvement in terms of user experience, specifically by integrating new types of technologies.

E-commerce platform

Elysian’s innovative concept integrates blockchain technology to dramatically improve the current flaws in the e-commerce industry by building an innovative e-commerce platform.

Security — This is a legitimate concern in the area of ​​e-commerce, and is most evident in data leakage from Target and Equifax. Elysian uses smart contracts to improve this aspect and stores customer data in blockchains to upgrade security using the Proof-Authority algorithm on the Ethereum network. This creates a level of trust for business-to-consumer business models that do not currently exist.

User Experience (UX) — Elysian will integrate artificial intelligence and virtual reality into e-commerce to create useful and efficient website navigation and provide consumers with a more detailed description and product visualization to provide consumers with a new experience.

Elysian clients will be able to use the platform for their own businesses, providing an upgraded level of functionality. In case of businesses that will enter the space in the future, the platform will act as a foundation. Elysian will essentially function as an intermediary between their own clients and their target consumers. The third-party agencies will also be able to host their current clients’ platforms on Elysian.

Atomic Swaps — Significantly improves payment convenience in cryptocurrency. Users can freely convert their tokens, including Elysian tokens, to eliminate commissions and purchase products more efficiently.

Token system

The Elysian token (ELY) is used as the primary access method for transactions on the e-commerce platform. The token is stored in a personal wallet and then sent to the e-commerce platform to facilitate the transaction of the service and avoid the use of cards or cumbersome Bitcoin fees. The token is in ERC20 format.

Growth pool

Designed to facilitate participation and interaction between Elysian teams and communities. Provide a sustainable business model by specifically allocating tokens to the proliferation pool to be used after TGE to fund community campaigns to improve the project.

The Elysian Forum is designed to be used as a communication tool for potential partnerships and future ideas for company expansion. Community members can use their tokens to contribute to project growth or receive tokens from the Elysian Growth Pool assigned to complete specific tasks.

Voting Rights — Project applications submitted to the Forum will be voted on by community members. If the project receives a “yes” vote of at least 51% and passes the responsible voting requirement, the project will be funded.


The Elysian team is comprised of 12 members of the leadership team and 10 advisors. Elysian is led by CEO and Founder Leo Ameri, who has extensive experience in eCommerce having successfully exited multiple eCommerce stores. On the board of advisors side, Token Advisors CEO Daniel Santos recently joined Elysian. Daniel has 15 years of finance experience, including previously working for Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, and Renaissance Capital. He provides useful knowledge and experience in the financial and banking departments as the project moves forward into the public stages of its token sale.


Elysian has recently partnered with Lamden, a promising blockchain platform that helps developers create blockchains and applications. Another mutually beneficial partnership was signed recently with a marketing-based blockchain integration project named Sether. Some other key partners of Elysian are the decentralized payment network Havven, blockchain development agency Applicature, blockchain consultants Linhart, and IdentityMind.

Elysian will be minting a total of 1 billion ELY tokens. At the end of the TGE, the starting circulation supply will be around 250 million. The total hard cap is $19 million. Elysian is raising $1.6 million in a private event, $2.4 million in the PRE-TGE, and $15 million in the TGE. The PRE-TGE is priced at $.06 and the TGE starts at $.08 and goes up to $.12 per token. The PRE-TGE runs from June 4 to June 17 and the TGE runs from June 18 to July 8th. For those that get in on the PRE-TGE next month, the price is exactly half of what token buyers will be paying on July 8th when the TGE is completed.

Leo Ameri, the CEO and founder of Elysian, stated:

Men and women require to understand that Cryptocurrencies are nothing devoid of us, but united we are unstoppable. Whoever ignores this simple fact isn’t ready for the long term of transparency.

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