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Blockfunder Is Penetrating the Token Launch Space; First in Line Crypto Social Network Blockster (BXR)

One of the most widely adopted commission-free crypto futures and spot exchanges, Digitex Ltd, recently launched Blockfunder. Primarily, Blockfunder is its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform, which will facilitate seamless crowdfunding, ultimately paving a more accessible path for upcoming projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With this innovation, Digitex will be able to manage the token sales of rising projects, painstakingly screening them to guarantee top-notch offerings. That said, the first project that will come alive through Blockfunder will be Blockster.

In essence, Blockster is a social network created primarily for crypto enthusiasts. It is a project developer in-house by Digitex, primarily for traders, cryptocurrency users, and other enthusiasts who are in search of opportunities to generate more income via trading and investing digital assets. It features its unique native token BXR, which its use cases extend to staking and advertisements.

Blockster is a well-thought innovation that has been under strict screening and development for over a year now. Currently, it is on testnet, available for selected content creates and testers. In June, it should be available for everyone in the crypto ecosystem. Besides, it will feature an NFT marketplace as time goes on.

The BXR token sale will commence on June 7, 2021, and will be available for Blockster advertisers at $1 per BXR. However, as the sale progresses, this price will slowly increase until it attains its maximum sales price of $2.25. At the end of the IEO, the platform will distribute BXR to buyers, and then the token will be listed on two major exchanges, Uniswap and Digitex. As the project continues to develop, more significant exchanges will feature in it.

Digitex CEO, Adam Todd in a recent interview, opined: “We are so glad to be launching our IEO project that alongside it, it will introduce another innovative utility for our native DGTX token. As we gather funds for projects, we will accept the partial payment with the native token, which signifies that a lot will be recollected from the overall circulating supply.”

In contrast to the fragmented social media framework that exists as of today, which forces newcomers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to navigate various platforms to access the content they seek, Blockster will act as the go-to platform for anyone in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. The utility token, BXR, built on the Ethereum blockchain, will act as the platform’s native token, and its use cases will extend across several eCommerce and advertisement purposes. Asides from these, staking of this token will also be an integral part of sustaining the entire Blockster ecosystem.

“The first project that Blockfunder will host will be a dedicated social network for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, blockster. However, it is just one of the several projects that Blockfunder will tokenize. Some will be developed in-built by Digitex programmers, as we can see in Blockster, while others will result from other external innovations that are with considerable potentials for success,” added the CEO of Digitex.

Essentially, Blockster has the tendency to disrupt the digital marketing sector, which includes social media. Does this project align with your interest? Or perhaps, you need a go-to platform for anything crypto-related? Then you can get started here.

If you want to know more about the Blockfunder IEO platform and Blockster’s (BXR) upcoming sales, please visit the website here.

About Digitex Ltd

Digitex Ltd is a zero-fee cryptocurrency spot and futures exchange that uses its native DGTX token to enable liquid commission-free markets. Registered in St. Vincent, the company was founded by former futures and betting-exchange trader Adam Todd. They developed a revolutionary token issuance revenue model for sustainably operating an exchange without charging commissions.



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Most writers waste tremendous words to say nothing. I’m not one of them.