Bitconnect: Police Suspecting Murder of CEO’s wife

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Three months after the disappearance the Australian police now suspecting murder of the wife of John Bigatton, the former director of Bitconnect. The investigation has been intensified to expose possible extortion or other monetary reasons for the disappearance. Among other things, the investigators also endeavor to examine the business model of the company.

Twofold mother Madeline Bigatton disappeared near by her home in Sydney, Australia about three months ago. She was last seen on March 25, when she dropped her daughter off with friends. She has disappeared since leaving for Kurnell. The local police found their empty vehicle on the same day on the coast. They are still looking for two men who should have been in possession of their car key.

The Bitconnect Coin (BCC) fell from $ 470 to a few cents within a few days.

Recently, police were suspected of committing suicide following the closure of Bitconnect and the Texas Stock Exchange injunction. The controversial platform has been closed, the in-house token called Bitconnect Coin (BCC) is now as good as worthless. The operators were accused of maintaining a pyramid scheme due to the enormous profit of 40 percent. The couple are persistent money worries said by neighbors, Critics speculate that Bitconnect used the deposits of new customers to pay the existing customers the promised profits. The in-house token lost more than 90 percent of its value after announcement of the closure of Bitconnect, the price is currently under one dollar per BCC.

Meanwhile, it is believed that a murder of the wife of the entrepreneur, because at Bitconnect countless investors were brought to their money. One suspects of the disappointed investors might have revenged the wife of John Bigatton. Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating Bigatton for its business practices. Due to the disappearance of the mother of two children, no investigations have been started so far against the former managing director.

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