Bitcoin Price Increase to $ 10,000, Ethereum over $ 800

The Bitcoin price is back to the $ 10,000 mark, while the Ethereum price is a little bit higher than $ 800. In addition, the volatility of Bitcoin was halved in the last quarter.

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The signs are good in the crypto-ecosystem. The Bitcoin price is growing at a rate of five percent per annum, while monthly growth is currently at 46 percent. Even better is the 2nd market cap cryptocurrency Ether. For example, the Ethereum rate can grow up to19 percent per annum, with a monthly increase of 117 percent.

With a market capitalization of just under $ 168,5 billion and a price of $ 9.900, the lights in the Bitcoin ecosystem are green. The same applies to the Ethereum Course. With a market capitalization of $ 80 billion and a price of $ 810 per ETH, everything points to a bull run.

Following the example of Cai Wenshang, recent months have been a good time to benefit from the current bear market. Accordingly, the Chinese investor has since the price collapse in January reached its set target to buy 10,000 BTC. He sees the future in Bitcoin and blockchain technology and he invested heavily in them.

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$ 10,000 is important psychological point

The $ 10,000 mark in the crypto-reserve currency Bitcoin is an important psychological factor. When cracking in any case, movement will enter the market — but can turn out in both directions. While for someone $ 10,000 mark is the point to realize its profits, others see this moment to come back.


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