Bitcoin Investors: From Hodler to Daytrader

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Prejudices are enough in the Bitcoin industry. Most assume that the new form of money is dominated by the younger generation. It seems like a paradigm shift is emerging, so the focus is on fast trades and even faster profits.

The Bitcoin Hodlers still exist

Many early investors are still holding onto their deposits, hoping that value will rise. The extreme increase last year has confirmed the strategy of the Hodlers. At the same time, the Bitcoin price fell sharply in early 2018. This is not a positive development for the average Bitcoiner. Nevertheless, the chances are very good that a new Bitcoin all-time high will be achieved this year or in 2019. As Tom Lee mentioned in an interview , the Bitcoin course takes just ten days to reach new highs. While there are enough Bitcoin-Hodler, it seems that a paradigm shift is beginning to emerge.

The Bitcoin Daytrader

Given the current Bitcoin price volatility speculation is again the focus. Although this leads to even more volatility, but also shows that the interest in cryptocurrencies does not diminish in the least. But the image of the traditional Bitcoiners seems to be spinning. The data from Chainanalysis confirm that the average Bitcoin hodler is changing. Not the individual, but the complete mindset associated with speculation in the crypto market.

The number of long-term investors is virtually the same as that of short-term speculators. The interesting thing is that by 2017 more Hodler was on the Bitcoin market than Daytrader.

In the short term, the increased liquidity associated with trading can lead to price declines, since of course not only long positions are set. One way to try yourself in trading is for example Bitmex .

While the early investors tried to hoard as many coins as possible, the investment approach seems to be partially spinning. The fast money through short-term trades has moved more into the foreground. Trading is quite profitable but also very risky.

Note: This is not a recommendation to trade. The risk of day trading is enormous.

Source : Newstbtc, Image : pixabay, CC0

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