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Register at the Initial Token Sale by July 15, 2018

The BEAT ecosystem enables data and consumer owners to share their fitness data in exchange for BEAT tokens and create contracts to stay healthy, as well as companies to reward their employees for the gym.

The Beat Token, which is based on the Ethereum Blockchain and uses the ERC-20 standard, has no minimum subscription, accepts the ETH and SEPA call options, and will be listed on numerous exchanges upon completion of the main sale. All unsold tokens are burned.

On February 20, 2018, MySports GmbH announced the launch of the BEAT Initial Token Sale. However, after three months, it became clear that they had underestimated marketing and public relations, which led to the decision to postpone the initial token sale from its original date of May 15 to July 15, 2018. The reasons are as follows:

Increase User Number — As a way to improve marketing strategies and ensure broader reach through BEAT’s partner ecosystems, BEAT’s increasing user adoption will make it increasingly important as the reach of data sources expands and new companies become involved. This in turn will add value, increase the token price and attract more users.

To oversee the current blockchain ecosystem, BEAT is working with Paranoid Internet , a Berlin-based cryptocurrency marketing and consulting agency known as the Community and Ecosystem Builder in the German startup and crypto industry.

Strengthening the BEAT ecosystem — In order to ensure that the quality of the developed product is not compromised, BEAT has laid the foundation for Magiclines, Germany’s leading fitness management platform, with the revolutionary BEAT Blockchain. By integrating lead management, task planning, sales tools, and shift planning, the company has achieved exponential growth for Magicline.

Accelerate Listing on Major Exchanges — BEAT ensures that users can swap their tokens on key exchanges toward the end of the year. The Main Sale and Initial Token Sale has been progressively and proactively listed on several reputed exchanges in the crypto sector.

BEAT has also introduced a Token Bonus for its converted users dated May 15, 2018. All existing token owners receive a 50% bonus on all purchased tokens they already own. For more information see section 5.2 / page 20 of the BEAT Whitepaper — click here.

For a better understanding of what BEAT wants to achieve and why it has postponed the initial token sale and how the token ecosystem will affect you can read under the possible use cases:

  • Own Your Fitness Data — BEAT aims to connect users and data consumers through the NoExcuse app so that they can manage the data to sell and purchase and have a contractual agreement on it.
  • Employee Health Benefits — Organizations can also improve their work environment by providing benefits to their employees by quantifying and rewarding their workouts.
  • Reward for Training — The BEAT system is designed to reward users with redeemable tokens after each training session and to synchronize the app with Magicline’s sports club network in Germany.
  • Blockchain Privacy — Trusted Third Parties will back up the data and ensure its quality, accuracy and validity as the system is based on the blockchain, keeping data clean, clear and accurate, and guaranteeing their immutability and privacy.

BEAT — Do Sports. Benefit from your data. Earn tokens and discounts


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