Attention: TRON-Mainnet-Migration is coming up | TRX price reacts

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The TRON token migration is scheduled to start on June 21st, 2018. Most crypto exchanges trading TRX are preparing for the above migration from TRX (currently ERC-20) to TRX.

Independent of Ethereum from 25th June

TRON will completely migrate to the TRON blockchain on June 25th, if everything runs smoothly, completely independent of the Ethereum network and TRX tokens. The TRON website shows the message:

TRON mainnet will officially become independent on June 25, 2018 Singapore time. In light of mainnet updates and TRX migration, ERC20 services for Tron Official Website will be discontinued.[…] If you are unable to withdraw funds in time, you may contact TRON token holder support to submit a request for withdrawal. This support system will be available until December 31, 2018

Send TRX to crypto exchanges

The website also indicates that in order to secure your own assets, you should send any remaining TRX tokens to a stock exchange that supports the TRX migration.

If you keep TRX in your wallet, you must deposit it on a crypto exchange before June 24 to avoid losses.

By June 24 at the latest, the TRX tokens should be sent to crypto exchange, but you should transfer your tokens to an exchange earlier. Most of the crypto exchanges operate in Asia and the time difference has to be considered.

If you miss the deadline, you can contact “”. The e-mail can be found on the TRON website.

These exchanges support the TRX migration

The following crypto exchanges support the TRX Mainnet migration (text and image):

Bitbns | Bit-Z | Bibox | Binance | Bitfinex | BitoPro | BitForex | Bithumb | BitKop | Bittrex | Bixin | Bitpie | Coinegg | CoinFalcon | CoinEx | Coinnest | Coinrail | Cointiger | Coinoah | Cryptopia | DragonEx | | Hitbtc | Huobi | LBank | Liqui | OKEx | OEX | OTCBTC | RightBTC | UpBit | ZebPay

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TRON price rises

The TRON price rose by eight percent in the meantime. Meanwhile, there are only just under four percent in the last 24 hours. TRX stands just under 5 cents of US dollar and was able to overcome the ongoing downtrend, at least for a short time.

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Perhaps a successful Mainnet migration from TRX will ensure a further upward trend.

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