Blockchain is already showing the world how it will solve the most enduring problems in the pension fund industry. With greater transparency and the lower costs that come with more convenient ways to address fund management, stakeholders in the pension system can finally move closer together and align their interests.

Akropolis, led by Andrianova, connects individuals, fund managers, and institutional finance in one greatly improved ecosystem. With an incentivized system for rating funds and financial entities based on their performance and behavior, cryptocurrency motivates the maintenance of a system where all aspects of a pension are out in the open. Accordingly, individuals responsible for picking retirement plans for their employees or themselves can see what a fund is invested in and, more importantly, how capable they are of building a sustainable financial future while honoring obligations.

The Akropolis project aims to be the largest alternative pension’s infrastructure in the world. They are creating decentralised pensions on the blockchain and a safer financial future for humanity, built by and for the people.



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